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لقد قام فريق يوتيوب بحذف محتوى القناة لانه يخالف ارشادات المنتدى ولكن لا اظن ذلك الفيديوهات سليمة ارد ان اعرف لماذا قاميوتيوب بحذف امتيازضه
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Updates to our Harassment and Cyberbullying Policy We want YouTube to be a welcoming place for everyone. While the vast majority of people using YouTub…
0 Recommended Answers 30 Replies 172 Upvotes
Policy enforcement update: real-world vs. scripted or simulated violence in video games Heads up for all Gaming Creators: We know there’s a difference between real-world violence and scrip…
Can people on YouTube find out you reported their comments? A person was commenting (extreme) threats to other people. I stayed out of the conversation but did …
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Earlier this year I created a channel, after which a YouTuber copied my name Earlier this year I created a YouTube channel, after which a You Tuber copied and changed his channe…
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Unblocking Video 2 of my recent videos have been copyright claimed and one of the videos was blocked. That, even thou…
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Will I be safe from COPPA punishments if I set my channel as made for kids? Hi, I sometimes upload videos just made for my friends and don't plan to start a channel that I'll m…
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why my upload option disable? why my upload option is disable? please enable upload
0 Recommended Answers 1 Reply 3 Upvotes
What should I do when Youtuber blackmailing businese? Hi everybody, I have a quick question to ask,if a youtuber contact some business owners ask for free…
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Could the MetallicaTV be informed about the Enter Sandman video that could cause seizures? The music video for the Metallica song: Enter Sandman has a lot of flashing lights. I think it shoul…
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Hello, can you please block these youtube cannels? They support violence @page { margin: 2cm } p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 115% } a:link { so-language: zxx } Hel…
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How to stop porn video show on YouTube YouTube page only show porn video or other Youtuber thumbnail used sexual please solutions keep me
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I am looking for more information about this video that was taken down by HM Media I am looking for a video that was taken down by HM Media. I have tried searching for HM Media, but i…
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My Youtube Channel Has Been Hacked / Hijacked PLEASE HELP !!! Hello Google community, please help me, on my YouTube channel account hijacked by people. on my yout…
0 Recommended Answers 7 Replies 81 Upvotes
If I sing other singer's song all by myself without copying their content, is it illegal? I sang a song all by myself and the video was also mind. Yes, I learned this song from youtube, from… Unknown Foreign Language Videos keep appearing in my Liked Videos even when I remove them. I randomly checked my Liked Videos a week ago. There were so many videos in foreign languages that I…
0 Recommended Answers 10 Replies 22 Upvotes
How to reclaim original video file in which audio path has been muted by YouTube due to copyrights? Hi. Years ago, my friends and me made a short movie. There was a few seconds of intro song at the be…
0 Recommended Answers 2 Replies 3 Upvotes
I usually see in some video description the text "Licensed to YouTube by", How can I have the same? I'm creating an entertainment channel where I would like to reuse some content already created and g… How do I protect/insure my non-monetized channel from legal troubles? I have a Youtube account that I use purely for fun and have no intention of ever profiting from (no …
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YouTubeさんからGoogle nest miniを無料で購入できる(YouTube有料会員のため)というメッセージが来て購入画面まで進めているのですが間違いないのでしょうか? 本当に無料ですか? YouTubeさんからGoogle nest miniを無料で購入できる(YouTube有料会員のため)というメッセージが来て購入画面まで進めているのですが間違いないのでしょうか? 本当に無料ですか?
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