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how to add dual audio to my video I found some videos that let me choose audio from multiple audio tracks example: https://youtu.be/k0… How to go live Go live with my fans
Creators: Understanding the supervised experience beta coming to YouTube YouTube has been a platform for people over 13 (or the applicable age in your country), and we’ve al…
[Known Issue] Likes and subs count discrepancy in Watch Page vs. YTA Hi creators, There is a discrepancy between likes and dislikes on the watch page and YouTube Analyti… Way my impressions stop 😭no view way Way my impressions stop and no view no sabscrab 😭
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i don't want to someone to watch my youtube video is this possible? how? Hi i want to one person that he did not watch my yt video
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Custom Channel URL Not Showing Up My custom URL option isn't showing up. My channel: Has 100+ subscribers Is 6 Months+ old Has a Profi…
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I have a YouTube Channel owner by an Ex Employee. It is empty we just need it deleted We had a Company channel and the new manager made herself primary and me secondary. She has since le…
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I still can’t upload videos I have created a previous thread about this and sent multiple reports. I’m not able to upload. I’ve …
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Help CenterCommunity Sarah (TeamYouTube) Community Manager 12/4/20 Creators: Updates to comment mo Help CenterCommunity Back Sarah (TeamYouTube)Community Manager 12/4/20 Creators: Updates to comment …
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How can I increase the volume of my already uploaded video?? I searched YouTube videos and search the help under studio beta.. no luck.. Even I didn't find the c…
0 Recommended Answers 159 Replies 1058 Upvotes
Recover deleted videos Someone went to my PC while it was on and deleted my family videos and other on my channel Please i …
0 Recommended Answers 3 Replies 6 Upvotes
Please youtube my video viral please https://youtube.com/channel/UCLBluDoalS1hB5wpqb9T7Dg Please my video viral please youtube Please open my channel this is my fault i not do it another time please open my channel My channel has been disabled by youtube but this is my fault i always upload videos and that video w…
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If we turn on the Share Tracker, what does that do? When setting up a YT video, in the suggestions box you provide the Share Tracker. If I check all the…
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Channelname specific hashtag of own channel is not showing only one video of mine in its domain I use one specific hashtag containing my channel name where all my videos are assorted but I encount…
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Seeing pre-roll ads on Livestream videos 5 weeks after it went live The screen shot below shows a pre-roll ad for Grammarly on a 5-week old Livestream from Zoom using t…
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Hey i have a question, uhm my playlist was on private and got veiws and would like to know why? I got a view on my private playlist, and is there a way to find out who can collaborate on my playli…
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I'm a premium YouTube user. Offline video storage video has been initialized and needs to be restore I don't remember which offline video I saved. I want it back.
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i uploaded a video from an account of mine,but i forgot the email t and i need to delete.what do ido i forgot the email id i used for my youtube channel,i need to delete a video i uploaded
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