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Updated: Today
My watch time hours dropped for no reason I had 34.6 watch hours in the day of April 1st which was yesterday, i checked it earlier today, and …
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Transfer Brand Account to new Gmail Account - URL CHANGE? Hi, so before I do this, I'm looking to get some answers. I'm about to transfer a Brand Account to a…
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YouTube account migrate subs and premium Okay, my school recently locked age restrictions on my account. I used my school email for YouTube b…
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Heads up, discontinuing older version of YouTube on desktop soon Back in August 2017 we launched a new look for YouTube on desktop that introduced material design an…
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405 Error When Signing to Youtube (Cannot Subcribe to Channels) Recently I haven't been able to subscribe to Youtube channels. I am logged in and my account is logg…
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Channel Returned to Me but I can't monetize & Comments are STILL turned off I had my channel returned to me, but my comments are turned off and I was told I still can't re-mone…
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Hãy Giúp Tôi Lấy Khôi Phục Lại Tài Khoản Xin chào nhóm kiểm duyệt YouTube Kênh ( Hương Kaori ) của tôi hoàn toàn tôi sáng tạo ra những trải n…
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Hijacked Channel Someone has stolen my You Tube Account. I keep getting horrible emails but I mistakenly clicked on o… I can't upload a video. Nothing happens when I click the upload button I can't get the upload video button do anything. I can't upload videos at this time.
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Hello Sir , My Channel Hacked Please Help Me. Hello Sir, Please Help Me Today My YouTube Channel Hacked Someone and he transferred Another gmail i… YouTube channel got hijacked, locked out of google account I'm writing this from my backup account because the hijacker has also locked access of my Google acc…
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help me live help me ilve now
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Today my account has been disabled please help me ⁹Yesterday I have recovered my hacked youtube channel and i see hacker uploaded 50,000+ copyright vi…
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Updated: Yesterday
I fucking tried of talking no one Want my debit card removed l already Changed it Stop charging!! No where in my account is their charging But this one Nancy Denmon / Marie Thompson …
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I can't switch accounts I deleted an account for inactivity, and now when I try to open the youtube menu the loading of the …
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My Gmail was Hijacked and also my YouTube channel and it is uploading 16K Japanese Videos Good Day! I am Jairo Cabales, A YouTube Creator. I need an expert from YouTube to kindly help me inv…
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Updated Channel Status & Features Page in YouTube Studio As part of the migration to YouTube Studio (from Creator Studio Classic), we plan to redesign the Ch…
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تمت سرقة قناتي را بط القناة https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-H5oKPP0-nd6zT7F8C-FWw تمت سرقة قناتي أسم القناة: ستوديو العروسة اسكندرية الجديدة. يرجى إعادة قناتي المسروقة إلي من Hacker …
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لقد تم اختراق حساب الجيميل الخاص بي وتم اختراق القناه واملك كل شئ يثبت انها ملكا لي يقوم بتهددي انه لقد تم اختراق حساب الجيميل الخاص وتمكين القناه واملك كل شئ يثبت انها ملكا لي يقوم بتهددي انه سيقوم ب…
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I have two albums on YouTube that should appear under my Subscribed page. Why arent they showing? I have tried searching for my completed projects under my artist profile. The album work I have uplo…
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