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I got a Community Guidelines Warning. please help me. I got a Warning on a video that I uploaded. As i saw it, the first thing that I did was.. delete the…
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My channel got temporaly closed... Hello, my channel got temporary suspended. Without ANY warnings. In e-mail, it said because of MULTI…
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Old account of mine says "This channel does not exist." I can only remember the username of my old channel and i don't know if i connected it to a google ac…
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I signed up youtube heroes but i cant take any awnser Çok zaman önce youtube gönüllü kahramanlığa başvurdum ama cevap gelmedi ve çok fazla zaman oldu ve b…
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My account was suspended. How can it be reinstated? There must be some steps to reinstate a suspended account. Violations are sometimes made mistakenly …
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YouTube not responding to my appeal I submitted an appeal to YouTube about my account termination and I haven’t received a reply in week…
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why is my brand account suspended and can i unsuspend it? I've tried restarting and it doesnt help
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How can I delete an old YouTube channel without the username or password? I made a YouTube channel back in 2013 I guess, but I used a Verizon email. Verizon no longer has ema…
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My youtube has been suspended I wrote to support and received an email saying that my suspension had been reviewed and they decide…
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This account has been terminated because it is linked to an account that was suspended for violatin Dear youtube, I think my channel should not have ended, because I've been very careful about youtube… Can't change youtube email, says it can't be changed. What happens if that address is deleted? I am about to delete the email address used for youtube. I tried to change it but it says I can't ch… My account was suspended. How long is it suspended and what did I do to get it suspended? I "appealed" the suspension but "We have decided to keep your account suspended..." I don't know wha… My channel hacked and someone transfered the ownership to his email, can i recover it? First, someone hacked my gmail but i recoverd it, when i try to reach to my channel i couldn't, he t… I live in Brazil for years. YouTube Premium won’t let me to join YT P ‘cause my YT act is US based. How to join YT Premium from Brazil where I live when YT tells me my YT acct is from the US where I c…
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لقد تم اختراق حسابي وتم سرقة القناة على اليوتيوب وبعد معانتة طويلة استطعت استرجاع الحساب ولاكن لم اتمنئ المساعدة قبل فترة الضياع على موقع يوتيوب تم انشاء القناة 2015/8/25 Where is my "Favorites" playlist?? I have looked everywhere for my "Favorites" playlist. Where did it go??
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I have a YouTube account I made back before google took over and I can’t get on it. I tried using the recover system but it asks for a recovery e-mail which I don’t remember. No phone …
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Youtube account suspended with for reason I got my Youtube account suspended but I have no idea why. I hardly ever comment anything so it can'…
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My YouTube Channel got Suspended without reason, please help Dear YouTube Team: My name is Maximiliano and my channel is Casitalb River Plate Vides. Our channel …
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why my channel name shows null instead of my name I need help! I am
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