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I dont like this update i want the old youtube back please from: Jason Albiter To get my old youtube back i don't like the 2019 youtube i just the old one back from i don't know b…
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How to recover suspended account Trying to add my account but I can't Account suspension. Hello, my account is suspended from YouTube. How do I find out how long it is? Have my channel back so I can have all of my subscriptions and playlists. If I’m permanently banned,… How to recover suspended channel How to recover my suspended channel I have follow all community guidelines rules please answer me Cancellation of video in play list removes screen controls from all videos in the playlist 1. Select and start to play video from playlist 2. Back arrow out to the full play list while video …
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No publish/upload date when I'm watching videos? I can't seem to see the publish/upload date for some videos, and when I do it's beside the view coun…
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استرجاع قناتي علي اليوتيوب لقد تم إغلاق قناتي بسبب تلقي ٣انزارات حقوق طبع ونشر وللعلم انا لم ارتكب اي انهاكات في شخص يقوم بإيذا…
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YouTube not open Tried opening my video
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I cannot play any video any in my you tube app.any video is not playing i wants to do to my you tube can play video but it doesn't
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My youtube account has been hacked My youtube account has been hacked and removed from my google account,also all the mails in my inbox…
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Heads Up - We’re removing the ability to message directly on YouTube after September 18 Two years ago, we launched a feature to enable you to share videos via direct messages on YouTube. S…
0 Recommended Answers 1374 Replies 1594 Upvotes
Menu panel on the left side of screen displays constantly Over the past week the menu panel on the left hand side of the screen (under the youtube logo, has H…
0 Recommended Answers 13 Replies 33 Upvotes
Coming soon: Potentially inappropriate comments now automatically held for you to review Comments are a core part of the YouTube experience and how you connect with and grow your audience. …
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This video file is missing??? What is this why my offline videos being deleted after one day of down This video file is missing??? What is this why my offline videos being deleted after one day of down…
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My video delete by mistake I want recover this but he can t recover I send any mail why , My YouTube video delete by mistake please recover it Delete video Link https://youtu.be/u1uia9nng4g Strange overlay on Youtube videos - can't click on any icons (video quality, CC, full-screen etc) I have this strange overlay when trying to view some, but not all, youtube videos (screenshot attach… My channel hacked and someone transfered the ownership to his email, can i recover it? First, someone hacked my gmail but i recoverd it, when i try to reach to my channel i couldn't, he t… False copyright claim reviewed by claimant and remain - how to proceed? I made a video about one ELAC loudspeaker. In the latter part of the video I used a classical piece,…
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There are no subscribe button on you tube 503 error I
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TV icon in bottom right corner reading "open video page". Prevents me from accessing options. It works if I reset the video. There is a cross in the top right as well which doesn't do anything. …
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