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simply put i want to disable the stupid still watching app  because it is bloody annoying
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Hello i am Tziatzios Panagiotis and i am more than happy to help you.
Can you explain the issue you have to provide you with the better solution possible please.
(Be more specific, give me information of the issue you are dealing with)
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I'm experiencing the same issue - after a few minutes of not manually interacting with YouTube, whatever video is currently playing will pause itself and a modal appears asking "Are you still watching?"

This is incredibly annoying and I would like to be able to disable this "feature".  I listen to music playlists on YouTube that play the next song automatically, so I won't always be making a point to interact with the site in order to prevent the modal from triggering.
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Extremely annoying
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Oh I think it's quite obvious why they put that bs feature in. It's so you go and buy their bs YouTube music subscription instead of listening to playlist on YouTube itself freely, they had to make it inconvenient for users enough so to get them to pay a subscription for a "Premium" service. How greedy can a 280 billion dollar company be my god, what scum of the earth.
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I have a problem with it too. I listen to playlists while I'm working away so, like yourself Dan 27, I don't interact with YouTube as much. It's after every song now (roughly 2 to 4 minutes). I even listen to full albums and get the message every few minutes too. It's so annoying.

Let me know if there's a way to disable it, please! 

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@Simon Foo There's an addon called YOUTUBE NONSTOP, it automatically presses continue and keep playing whatever you are playing in the back (for me: Music)

@Παναγιώτης Τζιάτζιος How do you not understand what he is trying to solve...He is SUPER Clear. No need for that generic answers.
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Very annoying and anyone who thinks it doesn't happen when the tab isn't in focus has never even tried it before they said so. If interacting with the page keeps it from happening, cool... I just need to remember to take a break from working every 30 minutes to do that. Totally reasonable, right? No? I already took too long of a break typing this message...

Yeah, they have plenty of money, but I'm sure it's just like Ads on Twitch. Twitch likely gets millions of dollars daily thanks to the cut they steal from affiliates alone, or at least a few hundred thou.
Last edited 10/21/19
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I think Youtube even lowered the time it takes for this to happen. Im trying to listen to podcasts and I dont want to keep having to drop my work to turn it on again. Please make an on and off switch for this Youtube!
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Extremely annoying. So much so that i'm actively looking for alternatives to youtube now.
Last edited 10/24/19
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I have a paid subscription to YouTube red that I use to play music and videos in my tattoo shop. At least 3-4 times per day it stops the music (often in the middle of a song) and asks me if I’m still watching. What is the point of paying every month for continuous ad free music if its not continuous anymore?

It’s beyond frustrating.
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Agreed. This feature is total bullshit. It's far to frequent now. I don't mind if it's once every 2 hours but every 2 songs is genuinely putting me off ever considering YouTube music and just downloading the videos I want to watch and converting them to MP3 to stop this bullshit which in turn means YouTube get less ad money.

You guys gotta stop driving users away with these updates.
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YouTube, this is not the kind of platform you want to be. So many people use YouTube in a way that really makes this feature is a deal breaker. You're not driving people to paid subscriptions, you're driving people away.
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I'm just glad I'm not alone with this issue. Its BS!  

It's like, I've just skipped and add or maybe two, then the next song comes on and 30 seconds in, you ask Am I Still Watching? -I just skipped the ads so I could watch - you ass !

Then I hear other people playing YouTube on their phone for hours and hours with little interruption. 
Why was I picked for the "nag the crap out of them" list?

 I ain't giving in. I'll never be forced to pay you.
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