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[Dec 2nd 2019] UPDATE:
  • We're continuing to roll out the optional setting “Hold potentially inappropriate comments for review” as the default to more channels. We hope this makes it easier for you to own and manage conversations on your channel!

  • When we first launched this feature, channels that had this setting enabled saw a 75% drop in comments being reported by viewers.

  • Since the initial launch, we’ve heard from some creators that it improved their wellbeing by saving them time when moderating comments.

  • We're also updating this thread with answers to top questions we've seen – continue to reach out with any questions and feedback and we'll keep adding answers right here!

  • Looking for more? Check out this FAQ Post


Original post 6/27/2019

Comments are a core part of the YouTube experience and how you connect with and grow your audience. While we strive to remove comments that violate our policies as quickly as possible, we also provide creators moderation tools so they can help shape the tone of conversation on their channels. 

Back in 2017, we launched a beta feature to help creators manage potentially inappropriate comments on their channel. This feature uses technology to automatically detect things like spam, self-promotion, gibberish and other potentially inappropriate comments, such as excessive profanity and taunts, but will not remove offensive comments solely for being negative or critical. The comments are held in YouTube Studio where channel owners can choose to approve, hide, or report them. When we first launched this feature, enabled channels experienced a 75% drop in comment flags! Over the past two years we've had teams focused on expanding the feature to cover 13 languages, as well as improve accuracy.

As we continue to help creators manage their comments at scale and improve conversations on YouTube, this feature will become the new default setting for all channels. Creators, we hope this new tool will save you time, make it easier to manage these comments and improve conversation on your channel overall. You can turn this feature off in Community Settings at any time, though we hope you’ll be partners with us in creating a healthy community and trying it out. Let us know what you think!

Here’s more info related to this update: 
  • This update will roll out slowly over the coming months. Creators, you’ll see a message in YouTube Studio when the setting has been enabled for your channel. And if you’d like to start using it today, you can enable it yourself with these instructions

  • If you’d prefer not to see these potentially inappropriate comments, you can also choose to ignore them completely and leave them unreviewed in the “held for review” tab. Note: whether or not you review "held for review" comments does not directly impact your video's performance or ability to be recommended.

  • While this feature is intended to capture potentially inappropriate comments, it's not perfect – sometimes it might hold something in Studio that doesn’t need review, or miss something that’s potentially inappropriate. Once you start using it, let us know how it’s working for you by Sending Feedback directly from YouTube Studio. We have teams monitoring that feedback and working to improve the accuracy and coverage. Also, when comments are reviewed, those manual actions help the technology get better at identifying future comments to hold for review. 

  • Looking for more? Check out this FAQ Post

– Jordan (TeamYouTube)
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Religious abusive and hate comments are continuesly posted in youtube and you have not taken any action to stop it.please do it.
Last edited 6/28/19
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Did you bother to report them? You have some responsibility here as do we all to report comment we think may break the rules. If people don't then they can't virtue signal their offense when the comment is still there.
Last edited 6/28/19
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Thanks Jordan this is very good!!

I placed in my channel alot of insulting words to be blocked. in community settings and helps alot!
But. Is there a way to improve the replys section?. Sometimes i see really inapropiated words i edited to review but people always make separated words to bypass my blocked words and its frustrating.

So is there a way to make reply/commentarys appear on last comment filter like every new comment? this will help me and alot of creators there in the platform to fix many issues.
Sometimes insulting replys are really hard to find. I find them because my blocked words makes the replys on held for review but i have to click name account to see every repply if they use insulting words and some of them abuse by separating the words. 

This can also reduce the reporting tool so if we get the chance to see last reply comments will be really great!

The blocked words tool is really good i have nearly 200 insulting words there but people always find ways to bypass it. 

Thanks and wish you the best
PewPew Peew
Last edited 6/29/19
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I just read that you can't discriminate against religious views based on YouTube rules, so maybe your complaint is in the wrong and a violation of the rules
Last edited 6/29/19
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3 days
Why you BAN my channel.Despicable behavior .You Are as Russian and China .Total censorship !!!!!!!!!!!! IN Poland was that in Communistic time.!!!!!

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