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Last edited 6/26/19
Thanks to everyone who shared their questions and feedback from our recent ‘Ask us Anything’ with the YouTube Discovery team, as well as those who consistently send feedback to let us know how we can help you better discover new content on YouTube. 

One thing you’ve consistently told us is that you want more control over what videos appear for you on Home and in your Up Next suggestions. Based on this feedback, we’re launching several new features to address your top requests and help you more easily find and enjoy the content you love. Below is a summary of these features – some are available today and others are coming soon. We’ll keep you updated here as features launch! 

Choose topics and related videos on your Homepage and in Up Next videos
When you’re signed in to YouTube, you’ll now see topics on Home and in the Up Next video suggestions – simply select your favorite topics to refine your feed with videos related to that topic. This is available on Android today, and will be available on iOS and desktop soon. Note: this feature is English only with plans to expand to more languages in the future!

  • Choose topics on Home: You’ll see topics as you scroll up. The topics you see are based off your personalized suggestions on Home and are meant to help you find what you’re looking for faster. If you see content that is not related to the topic, let us know by tapping the 3-dot menu and select “Unrelated to filter.”

  • Choose topics on Up Next: In the list of videos Up Next, you’ll see topics as you browse for the next video to watch. You may see topics for videos related to the one you’re watching, related to the channel of the video you’re watching, more personalized videos, or other topics we think may be of interest to you. 

Remove suggestions from channels you don’t want to watch
While we try our best to suggest videos you’ll enjoy, we don't always get it right, so we’re giving you more controls for when we don’t. In fewer steps, you can tell us to stop suggesting videos from a particular channel. Just tap the three-dot menu next to a video on the homepage or Up Next, then “Don’t recommend channel”. These simplified steps are available on Android and iOS today, and will be available on desktop soon. For now on desktop, continue to use these steps: select the three-dot menu > “Not interested” > “Tell us why” > “I’m not interested in this channel.”

  • This feature is only specific to recommended videos: You may still be able to find videos from the channel if you subscribe (in your subscriptions feed), search for them, or visit the channel page. 

  • In addition to this update, you can continue to let us know you’re “not interested” in specific videos, as well as update your watch history and search history to influence what’s recommended to you. 

See why certain videos are recommended to you
Some videos you see on Home are based on what other viewers with similar interests have liked and watched in the past. We want to let you know why you may enjoy watching the video, so you'll now see a small grey box underneath the video thumbnail that highlights this info with "XYZ channel viewers also watch this”. We hope this allows you to find videos from new channels that you like! 

And more updates coming soon! 
  • You’ve told us that you want an easier way to discover more videos based on your favorite topics without using the Search bar, so we’re working on new ways for you to explore additional, personalized topics as you scroll through the Home feed.

  • We’re improving the recommendations experience when you’re logged into the YouTube app on your TV, bringing features such as the “Not interested” option and topic choices on Home, so you can better personalize your recommendations on the big screen.

Looking for more? Check out our Backstage at YouTube video to hear from some of the team members who made these new features possible.
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Google keeps getting WORSE. Demonetizing many conservative voices (crowder, dice, hagar etc etc etc), removing conservative voices from recommended videos and now irrefutable evidence from PROJECT VERITAS that google is trying to prevent the next "TRUMP SITUATION."  https://www.projectveritas.com/2019/06/24/insider-blows-whistle-exec-reveals-google-plan-to-prevent-trump-situation-in-2020-on-hidden-cam/ This now deleted from youtube video shows how disgusting google is. Their arrogance and lack of self evaluation is stunning and an embarrassment to it's town square denotation. 

I once loved google, even now I own stock, use android, google search, maps, gmail, and even youtube tv but am now thinking about a full bail on google as well as contacting my local congressmen (yes men is the proper nomenclature and refers to all persons in congress and is not demeaning to women) to breakup the google monopoly or change their legal status to political and open them up to TRILLIONS in lawsuits. Big tech understands big money and in the end they will care more about profits than being a liberal mouthpiece.

The google employee who reads this has a duty to whistle blow on their employer. History repeats and what drowns out opposition voices today will one day silence your opinions. (Who saw google swaying opinion and affecting elections 20 years ago?) If what project veritas says is true you work for an employer who supports a tyrannical government. GOOGLE IS THE PROBLEM AND YOU ARE THE ONLY SOLUTION. Do the right thing, make a difference. You either support freedom or you suppress it, you can't do both.
Last edited 6/28/19
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