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Last edited 6/4/19
YouTube Analytics has been upgraded to give you more of what you’ve been asking for – unique information that you can’t find anywhere else, more real-time data, and personalized insights to help you quickly understand how your channel and videos are doing!

In the coming weeks, we’re inviting all creators to spend a day using our upgraded Analytics in YouTube Studio. It’ll soon become your default Analytics experience as we begin transitioning to the new YouTube Studio experience, so we want to make sure it has everything you need. We recommend all creators try it now and send us feedback from the YouTube Studio left hand menu >  Send Feedback or by clicking SEE MORE on a card and using the feedback button there.

What is YouTube Analytics Day?
YouTube Studio will, for a single day, be the place to get your Analytics information. That’s so you can let us know what you think about the new analytics features, get familiar, and tell us what could be improved.

If you’re already using Analytics in YouTube Studio, awesome! Feel free to share your experience and tips in the comments below for others to learn from :)

Here are some of our favorite metrics and analytics features for you to try:
  • Check out Impressions, Click-through rates and Unique viewers to help you understand your reach
  • Use the new “Since published” date range to see how your latest video is doing compared to the previous one, or check out the new Snapshot card on the Dashboard.
  • Data guru? You can click SEE MORE on a chart to dig deeper into different dimensions and metrics.
  • Check out realtime stats for your videos by clicking on the Realtime Activity card (now with 30 videos!)
  • Noticing an increase in subscribers? Video isn’t performing as well as you’d expect? We’ll tell you what’s up with easy to understand smart insights that pop up when there’s something interesting or unusual is happening on your channel
You can also check out this Creator Insider video or our Help Center for more info about metrics and analytics features!

What if I want to go back to Classic Analytics?
You can still use the Creator Studio classic button while on the YouTube Studio Analytics page to go back to the classic version of Analytics, though we recommend all creators use YouTube Studio exclusively since Creator Studio and the classic version of analytics will eventually go away.

Hope you enjoy this update! Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Enjoy the new Analytics! 🎉
Camilla (TeamYouTube)
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Awesome! Can't wait to free up some time to make a new video to edit with the new beta studios!
Last edited 6/20/19
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Hey youtube, congrats for improve analytics.
I have one suggestion add something so that we also know how much subscriber gain in video vise. It's very helpful
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ok, thank you.
Last edited 6/21/19
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Can we get some information on the first hour of a video going live and first day so we can see how well videos do.. and also the date and time the video goes public. Be a great way to know the best time to post to our own subscriber base.
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It is awesome and very helpfull
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Hey YouTube , i honestly love the new analytics! i usually check every hour to check in on how my videos ar doing and so forth but definitely think i would love to see how many subscribers have hit that bell button cause i do get excited to see who wants to get notified! 
Thank you YouTube
Jbuurr OUT!
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Dear YouTube
We need some help from YouTube support,  this is to inform you that we have received email from YT Support <Youtube.Spam.Control1@outlook.com> Sun, Jun 9, 12:21 AM (9 days ago), for our channel review, that our channel has some spam videos, they threaten us that we must have to give following information to them otherwise your channel will be closed.
1. Channel URL
2. Channel Content Topic
3. Copyright [Yes / No]
4. Your Channel Password
After one day, we received an emails from Google my business that on Monday, June 10, 3:23 PM, Your access has changed You are now an owner of H&H Creations than after one minute we received another email from same account on Monday, June 10, 3:24 PM, that we are no longer an owner of H&H Creations. It was a surprise for us that our channel got hijacked / hacked by phishing attack on 9 June 2019 at 12:21 AM through a spam email. Please help us as we have lost access on our channel. This hacker made himself owner, then transferred the account to his own email and also change channel art (Cover). He has also uploaded 3 videos on my channel (First video name is Catch the fish 2019 published on Jun 12, 2019, Second video name is Beautiful asia girl grilled crabs published on Jun 15, 2019 and third video name isイッテq 2019 !イモト VS 世界一美しい恐竜化石リポ。published on Jun 18, 2019) and also inform you that today 18 June 2019; he has also changed our channel name, we are very sad to see that on our channel name changed from H&H Creations to イッテQ 2019.
Kindly look into the matter and please help us to get our YouTube channel back please!
Kind Regards,
H&H Creations
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@H&H Creations.

Please create a thread, that was a scam email that hijacked your channel. I can help you get it back if you create a new thread.
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Thanks so much
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Thank you so much
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Thank you team YouTube
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