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We’ve seen quite a few questions from channels who have been removed from the YouTube Partner Program due to “Reused Content”. Below you’ll find more information and examples, so you can better evaluate your content, make changes if you’d like, and re-apply in 30 days.


First, what does “Reused Content” mean?   
This means you upload content from multiple sources, or that you reupload or repurpose someone else’s existing content (ie “reuse content”). If all or most of your channel is dedicated to reused content and you’re not transforming the original work by adding your own unique value, then your channel is not eligible for the YouTube Partner Program. The spirit of this policy is to make sure we’re incentivizing unique and original content into YPP and that we’re protecting and rewarding the creators who work hard on original content.

If I have permission to reuse someone’s content on my channel, am I eligible for YPP?
Even if you have permission, you still need to add your own unique, creative value to be eligible for the YouTube Partner Program. This “Reused Content” guideline is part of the Content Quality section of YPP policies – it’s separate from YouTube’s Copyright enforcement, where an owner lets us know that they've found their content used without their permission. We’re working on updating the Reused Content messaging in Creator Studio to make this more clear and accurate.

If I have zero Copyright strikes or Content ID claims, how can I be removed for Reused Content?
This “Reused Content” guideline is not about Copyright (or permission, or fair use, etc) and is separate from YouTube’s Copyright enforcement – it’s part of the Content Quality section of YPP policies. If you’re using copyrighted material but adding your own unique value, you may be eligible for the YouTube Partner Program. If you have a Content ID claim, you may still be eligible for YPP if your channel provides unique value in your videos. And even if you have no Content ID claims, you may be ineligible for YPP if your videos do not provide unique value. Note: If you’re thinking of using someone else’s copyrighted material in your video, make sure you learn more about Copyright law!

What’s an example of Reused Content that is not eligible for the YouTube Partner Program?
This isn’t exhaustive but here are a few examples: clips of moments from your favorite show stitched together, short videos you compiled from other social media websites, or collections of songs from different artists (even with their permission). Often times, large portions of the channel are completely dedicated to content like the above, with no unique value added to make the content different and unique from the original.

What’s an example of adding unique value that is eligible for the YouTube Partner Program?
One support case our team helped with was for a channel who compiled different scenes from movies and added high quality edits and special effects to create completely new, original movie trailers. This channel makes it super clear that the content is transformed to create something unique with information in the channel description and a video trailer front and center on the channel homepage. The creator also appears on screen in many videos, or has voice-overs to describe the editing work. Note: this particular channel does have commercial use rights to use the content too!


My content is completely original or I significantly transform the work, so why was I removed for Reused Content?
We sometimes make mistakes during the review process – this may happen if your channel is lacking context or information about the creative value you’re adding to make the content unique. Keep in mind that abusers try to blend in with legitimate channels, so if you’re not adding significant original commentary, narration, or clear educational value to the repurposed content, and there’s no indication anywhere of how you’ve transformed the work, then the review team is lacking all of this info during the review process.
Note: all removals are completed by an actual person on the review team (not a “bot” or algorithm). We’re working on ways to improve the communication, process, and support experience overall for YPP reviews and removals – so really appreciate the feedback from everyone around this over the past few months.

Are there any other best practices to show YouTube my content is unique?  

The best possible scenario is for the unique value to be clear when watching your video. The spirit of the Reused Content policy is to make sure we’re incentivizing unique and original content into YPP and that we’re protecting and rewarding the creators who work hard on original content.
Here are some best practices:
  • Add commentary or show your presence in your videos (voice or on screen)
  • Link back to your YouTube channel from your official website and vice versa
  • Provide more context about your work in your video and channel descriptions
  • Have a featured video where you talk about your channel and how your work

I’ve made changes to my content and re-applied, but I’m still not approved?
Your channel may not be approved for the YouTube Partner Program if you’re only making minor changes. If you're going to create content that primarily draws from other sources, then we encourage you to focus on transforming the original work and giving it new creative perspective or meaning. We’d recommend making additional changes to your overall content strategy and/or adding more context to your channel, and re-applying to YPP in 30 days.
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