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If you are a viewer or creator, you can get help by posting your questions here in the YouTube Help Community, where you can get answers from our Product Experts and other users. You can always check the featured posts for updates from YouTube about the latest launches and known-issues updates.

If you're in the YouTube Partner Program, you can get access to our Creator Support team via email or chat (when eligible). 

Need help with a purchase on YouTube? You can contact support anytime.

Hope this helps clarify!
Camilla (TeamYouTube)
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I need to contact you tube right away
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who do I call and how to correct this double billing?
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I just need help with a legacy account to 1. either have it connect to the google login or 2. To remove a specific video.
Its crazy there is not a YouTube staffer to connect with!
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My post was apparently marked as a duplicate when in fact it's quite clear my issue involves several departments even at CEO level. So i will repost in here aswell.

I'm wondering how I can get in touch with a supervisor at Youtube to make a complaint about how unfairly I am being treated as a creator and to highlight just how incompetent the staff at youtube have been supporting me in what appears to be the mist of lies that have been told to me. 

I have to say that I am embarrassed for youtube for not being able to resolve this or tell me what needs to be done. This might be fairly long-winded but I will start from the very beginning. Id like to point out that everything I am about to say is factual

This started a couple of years ago where I decided to create a youtube channel. My channel was going to be about audio frequencies. I created the channel because I thought that cataloguing frequencies would be interesting to the audiology community and that possibly my videos would have other uses. 

For example, people with hearing difficulties or people with tinnitus could browse the videos of my channel and that they might help them identify certain frequencies played videos.  As my channel grew I had more requests from the youtube community to create many different frequencies and at one point my channel had 5000+ videos. I did this full time for quite a long time. 

One of my videos had an unusual discovery, The frequencies in the video, removed water from peoples phones from wet speakers etc. Very bizarre but it was/is my most popular video, thousands of views and comments. This, in turn, was generating an income for me on youtube. 

So this is where the fun starts, May I just add that I am a professional audio engineer. Working with a vast amount of high profile clients and major record labels such as Sony & Universal in various countries across the world. I run a full-time commercial audio production studio where all my content was created and that anything on my youtube channel I own 100% of the rights to. 

One day several years ago, I received an email from youtube to say that my account was no longer eligible for monetisation. I couldn't work out why so, in the end, I took to these forums and someone at youtube who clearly knew what they were doing, took up my case and forwarded it to his colleague. My channel was reviewed and deemed to have no issues and monetisation was restored. My channel went on to grow. 

A year or so later I received another notification from youtube saying my account was demonetised. This time it was because I was using other peoples content, again reverting back to my previous point that everything created on my channel I is the sole creator and therefore the rights holder. No third party content was ever used.

This time I reached out to youtube support and explained that no 3rd party content had been used but the reply I received was generic in stating that 3rd party content was used. 

After explaining myself several times, I was getting nowhere. I reached out to Youtubes CEO team (Susan) to explain that there is no wrongdoing on my channel.  A few weeks later I received an email for someone from that area stating 

"I'm sorry but the person you spoke to previously regarding third party content has been flagged by mistake. your channel was flagged due to a large amount of videos on your channel. it is not okay to have a large number of videos on your channel" 

Therefore, by the admission of senior youtube staff, my channel was flagged by mistake for third party content and it was because of the large library of videos. This is bizarre considering the channel videos where being used but never the less I spent quite a long time removing all videos with less than 10k views.  

I then reapplied for monetisation which was approved and the channel was running fine.  Then after several months low and behold the channel is demonetized again because of third party content.

So as you can imagine this is now turning into a witchhunt against myself for no wrong doing. Either the algorithm is picking my channel up incorrectly and/or someone doesn't know what they are doing! I then contacted support again who tell me it is because of third party content. 

I explain to youtube that I've already been told by Susan's CEO team that a MISTAKE was made when my channel was flagged and that IT WAS NOT third party content it was because of a large number of videos. I went on to explain I have removed the videos and kept my most popular ones. 

The agent comes back and tells me, no it's definitely because of 3rd party content and removing videos won't help me. I then go back and ask what exactly is the problem and the youtube agent tells me they can't help or tell me but they did say removing the videos will not help!? Seriously is that how bad your support is. Sorry end user we cant tell you exactly what the problem is. This is likely because there isn't any problem. How much of a shambles is your youtube operation because it's safe to say I am not being treated fairly for no reason what so ever. 

Do you get where I'm coming from here? and how silly this is. I'm told first of all by Susans CEO a mistake was made, it was because of videos volume, not 3rd party content to then be told the absolute reverse again from youtube that it's not videos its 3rd party content but we are not going to tell you anything. Clearly something is broken. 

Clearly theres an issue here at youtube, I decided to remove all my videos from youtube as a test and completely rebrand the channel, I kept 1 video which was the most popular one and uploaded some new videos of a few tracks that were produced at our studio. This was just to make certain that anything on the channel that was being judged for whatever reason was removed and new content was uploaded.

I reapply for monetisation despite the channel being fully rebranded and yet it's still being declined. So that in itself is proof that I am being discriminated against for whatever reason I am still to get to the bottom of. But for a fact, it's not third party or content or a large number of videos.  

There is an issue at youtube against me personally, I am not in violation of any community guidelines. Any issue that was previously flagged I removed everything from the channel as a test and reapplied and im still being told the same thing. 

And to add further salt to the wound. I was kind enough to participate in a youtube user feedback study where I met online with your UX team on a 1-2-1 call to help YOU better the user experience of the platform. I told them about the issue and they also were confused as to why (because after all why would I have been personally selected to provide my feedback if there were any problems with my channel) and the person told me to my face they would certainly escalate the case internally for someone to review and NO ONE BOTHERED TO GET BACK IN TOUCH. DISGRACEFUL! I'm helping youtube and you're not helping me not exactly playing fair once again. 

The least someone from google/youtube can do is help me sort this out because it's not me. It's you. This could well be discrimination against me personally so I would appreciate if someone from youtube could look at my channel and advise on exactly what the issue is.  Because If it's looked into properly they will find i am adhering to all community guidelines. 

My Channel 

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So I was able to get tech support through YouTube tech support by going to "support.google.com". The number it took me to : 650 260 4000

It is best if you have the credit card on file as well as the email addresses  you linked to the account under "family plan". Otherwise other payments cannot be cancelled or refunded.
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