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Here’s a round up of product improvements and bug fixes from this month. Reminder: these are just desktop updates from the team responsible for the youtube.com desktop experience (though they don’t work on absolutely everything – for example other teams are responsible for YouTube Studio, monetization features, recommendations, etc.)

  • On the channel page, we added a "▶" icon to the PLAY ALL buttons, which plays the videos in that section from left to right. 

  • We added icons for private and unlisted videos and playlists: 

  • The left hand guide wasn’t loading for some of you, so we fixed that. Thanks for all of your reports! [Community thread
  • Comments were not loading for a small number of people, so we fixed that! 
  • When using Safari, the scrollbar would sometimes appear while in full screen – so we fixed that! 
  • The “watch later” button was taking some people to the watch page instead of adding the video to the watch later playlist, so we fixed that!

Accessibility fixes continued! 
  • When navigating with your keyboard, menu items would be visited twice, so we fixed that! We also improved the contrast for metadata on the Search History page to make it easier to read. 

We fixed a few different things related to playlists: 
  • When trying to drag a video down in a playlist, sometimes the page wouldn’t continue to scroll (making this task nearly impossible), so we fixed that! 

  • When you’re watching a video in a playlist and you trigger the miniplayer, you’d see a playlist icon but couldn’t click on that icon to get to the playlist, so we fixed that!
  • We improved the error message that appears when a user tries to create a playlist with special characters, it’s now more specific so you know the exact characters that need to be changed! 

This month, the team also focused on a lot of small (but mighty!) visual fixes to improve the design and polish up the user interface (UI).
  • The text in the menu icon used to create videos and posts was not wide enough for some languages, so we fixed!  
  • We fixed multiple things related to colors and contrast. For example, scroll bars in dark theme were hard to see so we added more contrast to fix that. And certain icons were slightly mismatched, so we updated icon colors on channel pages, the subscriptions page, and for dark theme to make sure everything was consistent. We also removed a thin black line that was appearing at the top of some videos. 

  • If you ever see any weird (even small) inconsistencies, definitely send us feedback. 

– TeamYouTube (on behalf of the YouTube Desktop Team)
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Are you allowing those of us who want to to keep the discussion tab?

When are you going to fix the fubar that is the notification system? 

When will you listen to user feedback instead of just plowing ahead with your vanity projects? You make the Maybott look human.
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The home menu is garbage, stop changing shit you clowns, all you do is make things worse (a fitting trait for google).
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YouTube videos
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Mam ten oto problem
Bardzo często korzystający z YouTube na telewizororze LG G6V i co prawda nie pamiętam jak było z audio ale wiem na 100% że telewizor
automatycznie wykrywał w filmach na Youtube HDR lub HLG, nawet w ściągniętych filmikach można było odczytać HDR i HLG z dysku twardego.
Teraz z uwagi na wersję standardową przesiadłem się na Sony -KD 65ZF9 oparty na systemie Android i tu w zakresie YouTube brakowało HDR jak i HLG.
Serwis Sony tłumaczy że YouTube nie generuje treści z HDR czy HLG ale ja pamiętam że na pewno tak przeczytane na LG.
Więc może być później czy Android.
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thank you, this is very good ... but what about the YPP program, have there been improvements to the procedure ???
because there are many channels that have not received certainty about monetization to date, including my channel.

I hope YouTube will improve the way the review works for each channel, so that it becomes faster, better, and fairer.

isn't this forum a place to complain about;),

thank you

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Please support my YouTube channel
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" …  so we fixed that."

Love how you use that phrase consistently.      : )
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Welcome to the YouTube Help Community
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download kaise kare
Last edited 3/8/19
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I love the "play all" button on the (From Your Subscriptions) tab but why is it only there half the time? This is how I consume my videos most of the time or at least when I'm allowed to.
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