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Last edited 11/5/19
Earlier this year, we set YouTube Studio as the default starting point for all creators with an option to go back to the Classic version from the left-hand navigation menu (announcement). In a few weeks (November 2019) we plan to remove this Creator Studio Classic link from the left-hand menu for a limited group of creators (1%) who have already made the switch to YouTube Studio. If you’re part of this group, you will receive a notification in YouTube Studio later this week. 

This is the first step in sunsetting the Classic version, but we won’t remove access to Creator Studio Classic for the rest of the creator community until early next year. At that time, this change will happen slowly and we’ll notify each creator two weeks in advance of when the change happens for their channel. 

Check out some helpful tips and resources for using YouTube Studio below:
  • There are dozens of new features, only available in YouTube Studio: many of which were inspired by great ideas and requests we received directly from creators, like a personalized dashboard, better analytics, and more real-time metrics. You can try out these features today, and if you’re looking for a rundown first, check out this overview of new YouTube Studio features.
  • You can still access Classic features while we work to move them over: this includes your Playlists and Audio Library, which you can find in the left-hand menu and features like End Screens and Info cards from the Video Details page. When in Classic, you’ll see a button to return to YouTube Studio in the upper right corner. 
Reminder: We’re making this switch because Classic was built on older technology that doesn’t allow us to fix technical issues or introduce new features you’ve requested as quickly as we’d like. We know it can be hard to change the tools you work with every day, but we believe this new foundation will enable us to innovate more quickly on your behalf.  

Thank you all for your feedback and suggestions on how to improve YouTube Studio up to this point, we’ll continue to make improvements and add new features based on your input! A few things we’re working on currently include moving over remaining Classic features, general improvements to navigation and discoverability of Live Control Room, upload experience, setting of ad breaks, important notifications card on dashboard and more.

– Camilla (TeamYouTube)
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Can you just start putting all the features from the old one to the new one before deploying???? Like??? Do you even think about what you're doing???
There's not even half of the features available on the new one and you already want to force people to use it, it's completely dumb. 
We can't open new tabs with a middle click, it's awful to see a copyright claim and so many things missing.
Just implement all the features before deploying. I don't even hate this new studio that much, all I hate is the fact that you want to force us to use it when it's not even done.
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I prefer creator studio classic
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With new features anybody can get used to new studio beta.
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This reply is off topic.
Please accept me
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For the past four days I have been trying to upload a video to my channel but it isn't uploading at all let alone getting stuck while at it. I would like to know if this new change is the reason my channel is affected and what to do about it. Thank you
Account is www.youtube.com/c/charityekezie thanks.
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Why can I not schedule two videos at once?
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That's a shame it's ending! The new studio may have more features!
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HI I just wanted to say that encoder software Radeon Relive will only stream in Classic Version. I hope that this gets sorted before you make the changeover. OBS is too scary for me.
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Very frustrated with this sudden change!! Why can't I upload like I always have? I want to make sure I can still have PRIVACY and UNLISTED videos! Can I? Doesn't look like it!!
Ooooofff!!  :(
Last edited 11/5/19
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1 hr
pleeez don't make it more complicated to use it's already hard enough i can burly understands what's going on in here
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