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All of my content is made up of Let's Play content and gameplay videos that I myself have created. I've not re-uploaded content created by other creators or done things like re-uploaded TV episodes or movies or other things of a similar sort. Only video game footage and cutscenes for the purpose of being a Let's Play. If this is considered a re-upload and is in violation, what can I do differently that all the other Let's Players are doing to avoid this from happening? I want to know what I'm doing wrong that others are not. Thank you.
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I play games from consoles and PC. Nothing mobile. Commentary is over each one. I do leave in things like cutscenes and play the entirety of the game's story, however.
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@Silver Product Expert that isn't true I have seen many gameplay videos where there is zero commentary but ads still play over them and are still monetised
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@Expert Gaming HD

What you are seeing would depend in part on the age of the channel in question. If the channel was monetized under the rule set that existed prior to 2015, and hasn't yet been reviewed under the new guidelines, yes, ads would be showing. I've even heard that some channels have challenged after being refused, and the refusal has been retracted. 

All of this still doesn't explain what YouTube says at the link below.

To wit:

"Video game content may be monetized if the associated step-by-step commentary is strictly tied to the live action being shown and provides instructional or educational value.

Videos simply showing a user playing a video game or the use of software for extended periods of time may not be accepted for monetization."

In addition, the posting of cinematic cutscenes is considered to be outside normal gameplay walkthrough posting by most game devs; and therefore qualifies as copyright infringement, since the user's gameplay isn't involved.
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You might think it is funny which it inst since that screenshot was from my channel and wasn't borrowed dumy. Also my videos with the most watch time hours haven't been deleted at all . And since when do the rules say that a small channel that hardly had any videos with 1k views cant  be monetized. Coz I have seen channels monetized after Feb 2018 who only get an average of 50 views per video yet you tube still allowed them for monetization. regardless if it looks appetising or not to them they still have to comply by their  rules needed to allow for monetisation which was 1k subs and 4k watch time hours not appetising amount of views. this same team of reviewers have also  allowed channels that only post gameplay with no commentary and only get an average of 50 to100 views to get monetised even though they hardly make much.    Quite unfair if that is the only reason you tube decide to not approve my channel . Also my total amount of views is 50 000.Also smart guy if you didn't know my elgato capture cars is the one capturing game play not the ps4 . Doesn't give me commercial use rights  to the ps4 system software? Well that is bullocks since almost every gaming channel out there captures there game play from  a console or computer so i guess they must get demonteised since  none of them are getting the commercial use rights to the system software .also if you were too dumb to know the elgato i use is hooked to a laptop and the elgato does the gameplay capturing . which also means that the rights the devs have given me arent irrelevant meaning i can use their games as content that can be monetised as many are still doing without issue today big or small .  you know nothing about this topic so its a good thing you unsubbed . You were the most useless person i have ever spoken to literally . Good thing you unsubbed I don't want to hear or see you again pathetic waste of a time expert . You're not even an expert at anything we discussed. hope to not see you again pathetic piece of shit
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