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Last edited 2/14/19
Please note, your existing YouTube channel, videos, playlists and comments are not affected by this change, unless explicitly outlined below. Brand accounts will continue to exist without Google+ so you can continue to use them with other Google products such as YouTube channels. YouTube verification badges from G+ verification are not impacted by this deprecation. 

In December, we announced that we’d be sunsetting the consumer version of Google+ and its APIs due to the significant challenges involved in maintaining a successful product that meets consumers’ expectations, as well as the platform’s low usage. This means various YouTube features that rely on Google+ will start becoming unavailable over the next few weeks.

Here’s a full list of YouTube features that will no longer be supported and their alternatives:

Editing channel banner and channel image on mobile
  • What’s changing: Previously, you could update your channel avatar and banner from the mobile app in channel settings. This feature was built on an older system connected to G+ that will no longer work. We’re looking into whether we can rebuild this functionality in the future.
  • What to use instead: You can update your channel images on desktop. Learn more here. Alternatively, you can change your profile photos only on your mobile web browser at aboutme.google.com and myaccount.google.com

Video Privacy Settings via Google+ circles
  • What’s changing: Videos that were previously shared privately with a Google+ circle will no longer be available to view by members of the circle. These circles will no longer work and will be removed from the list of people with access to the video. Your video will remain a private video.
  • What to use instead: You can still set your video to Private and grant access to individual people. Learn more about available video privacy settings here. Note: YouTube Studio beta does not yet have private video sharing, but we’re working on adding this soon.

G+ links on YouTube Channels
  • What’s changing: We will no longer support linking to a G+ page in a channel’s “About” tab and on the channel banner. These links will be removed from your YouTube channel.
  • What to use instead: You can still add other social media links to your channel banner and “About” tab. Learn more here.

Comment on outdated versions of the YouTube app
  • What’s changing: On mobile app versions older than September 2016, you’ll no longer be able to read or comment on YouTube videos since commenting on these versions relied on Google+. Going forward, you’ll see a message to update your app or try connecting through our mobile website.
  • What to use instead: You can read or post comments by updating your app or through https://m.youtube.com

Hope this heads up is helpful,
Jordan (TeamYouTube)
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So even though my Youtube channel was created through google+, I won’t lose my liked videos/favourites/playlists?
Last edited 2/5/19
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any people cannot see
my videos
Last edited 2/2/19
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liv: the shutdown of Google+ will not affect your YouTube video uploads, likes or playlists. If you aren't using Google+ to post on Google+ you probably won't notice the change.
Last edited 2/9/19
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thanks for the info!
Last edited 2/5/19
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Can you still comment on the desktop version of YouTube
Last edited 2/6/19
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Desiree Lee: yes, you can continue to comment using the desktop version of YouTube at www.youtube.com  
Last edited 2/9/19
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Hi please help I am trying to load my dashboard and analytics page and it just hangs it says it is uploading but it never does? Please help me I have to work on my channel, thanks Barret
Last edited 2/9/19
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You won’t lose any thing only google+ directs won’t be there
Last edited 2/10/19
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Sir this not open your youtube app  any problems plz. Sir replay
Last edited 2/10/19
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I Am glad this is not affecting Anyone on YouTube who had their channel linked to google plus
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