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Have YouTube take down a harassing/physically threatening video aimed at a person with autism? 1 Recommended Answer 35 Replies 355 Upvotes
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https://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhsI7ia5wu34O0HOtA The young man being harassed and physically threatened in this video is my grandson, who has autism. He faces daily challenges, trying to fit into "normal" society as one of the strongest characteristics of autism is the inability to read non-verbal cues, such as facial expressions and body language.  His "joke" about asking if the reason the woman wanting a bag so neighbors didn't see is one he made to anyone who asked for a bag for a single item purchase.  It had nothing to do with the item being sanitary napkins.  He was not aware that purchasing those, or any item sold in a store, might be embarrassing for the purchaser. I have no knowledge if the man who posted the video was aware of my grandson's disability, but he was certainly aware of the other voice in the video that called my grandson a retard and made physical threats to him.
The video was first posted a year ago.  As a result, Dollar General fired him. (To their credit, they knew he has autism when they hired him.)  Then the video was reposted on someone's FaceBook page and details of where my grandson currently works, along with many comments physically threatening him, were posted.  The originator of the video had the FaceBook video taken down as a violation of copyright, and the video has been reposted to YouTube.  There are now well over 2 million views of an individual with disabilities being harassed and threatened with physical violence. Many of the thousands of comments also threaten to injure my grandson.  He now is fearful walking to his new job daily as he lives in a small town of 10,000 residents.
So, my autistic grandson is terrified of possibly being a victim of one of those who believe his intent in making a joke was malicious.  He was trying to make someone smile.  He did not, at the time, even know what sanitary napkins were.  They were just an item sold in the store.  What did he do wrong?  He was born with a disability that makes it difficult to read non-verbal cues.
Did the man making the video know of the disability?  I have no idea.  He said in the video he went to that store often and knew who my grandson was from previous visits.  In a town as small as Bonham, Texas, it is likely he did know.  Because the was trying to hide his phone at his side while videoing, I assume his intent was to  post it.  And now he's making money at the expense of a young man with a disability.
Please, please please take that video down for the mental and physical safety of my grandson.
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@SEO101 is correct,  it's not on Yt, But I have autism. @Storm R, What is the channels name that made it?
Who were they attacking? Should you call your local police?
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hi my name is malissa and i also have a disability. and. I don't. think anybody who. has a disability. should ever be picked. on at all
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Y'all dumb asf, doesn't matter if the kid has autism, he's capable of working a job. Which in turn means that he knows respect. And he and his grandma gonna use that in his defense instead of tryna help him? Also the fucking channel isn't on YouTube, it's on a completely different website but noone likes to fact check here.
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Fezaan bhai monu kibord
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