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Look. I am really happy with YouTube (please don’t penalize me, I’m just reporting a problem in peace). I have no problems in my part.

But there is some trouble regarding how you are handling a copyright situation from JT (a YouTuber who has two false copyright strikes from a Turkish YouTuber called Enes Batur).

I am 100% unaffiliated with both JT and Enes Batur, I have nothing to do regarding their beef. I am just a messenger who feels like the great team like you guys has been committing a mistake.

JT has been calling out Turkish YouTuber Enes Batur from stealing content from youtubers such as PewDiePie and Mr. Beast.  And he has been pointing out critical factors that probably the team has not viewed. 

The first point is that Enes Batur has been doing a lot of copyright infringement over the past 8 months, and it goes unnoticed. If some of you go watch PewDiePie’s Minecraft Part 1 Video with Batur’s same Video, it is noticed that he does the same exact moves, same exact actions, but the language is different. I mean, the world is different, but overall Batur’s Video has the same experience and plot PewDiePie has! Recreating the same experience and plot is impossible to do! That is copyright infringement! He changed his Thumbnail as a strategy for you guys to think that Batur’s content is 100% Original! He copies content from other youtubers, which include Logan Paul and Mr. Beast!

Ever since JT called out Batur, for some reason the Turkish YouTuber stopped his entire Minecraft series... Isn’t this a coincidence, team.

I feel like I can’t write an extensive letter to this awesome team, else I would get in trouble! Let me get to my point.

Notice when Morgz is violating Copyright policies by Copying off Mr. Beast’s Videos? Batur is doing the same thing, I mean, he is abusing the Copyright Complaints to hide his unoriginality! There is no reason why he is copyright striking JT! I’ll leave it there. I don’t want to be in trouble sticking out on someone else’s business.

There is only one favor I ask. Can you please inform Mr. Beast, PewDiePie, and Logan Paul about this. I am a small, insignificant YouTuber, but I feel like the law has to be enforced upon a guy who has earned 10M subs by stealing viral vids! As a Human being, I would NEVER EVER do this. I feel like this whole situation has been going wrong.

On behalf of JT, I ask for your help. Again, I am not affiliated with him nor Enes Batur, I am speaking up, choosing carefully my words, trying to explain this problem as detailed as possible. I trust your efforts, and I will continue to create content with original experience and plot.

Thank you for reading this message.
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It has nothing to do whit policies and everything to do with law, YT can not play judge in such cases as that would put their safe harbour status in danger. 

It is upto the copyright owner whose videos they claim and then what to do when they do that. They can demand the videos are taken down and so a strike is issued, three strikes in a three month period and then a lifetime ban. The could decide to leave the videos up but with a claim placed against it. They could leave it up and monetise the videos themselves and so get paid for ads that appear on those videos, an option YT gives as an incentive to leave vids up.

What happens to other channels is irrelevant as you and the person you are talking about have no idea of their situation. Also as it is not your account it is none of your business what happens to someone elses account.
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That doesn't solve the broken system of copyright and strikes on youtube
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That would require a change to copyright law, not something YT has control over.
Last edited 8/19/19
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its such a broken system bc there is no copyright infringement and it is fair use
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He should be banned from YouTube, since he's literally making money by copying others
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I totally agree all enes batur does is copy people and take down any video that has anything about him in it.
 Plus JT has done nothing wrong to have his channel taken down  if anyone it should be enes batur's  channel taken down for false claims.
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This is so stupid a man like enes batur should be punished for copy striking everyone who talks about him he is shuck a d*ck
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