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Suspended Account - @Andrew S
Hello everyone and Andrew S who I was told might be able to help,

I have recently had my youtube account terminated, and have submitted my youtube appeal on 24/5 [3-6192000031549]. My youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oE2f-YvuP0A

I am extremely sorry that I may have breached some of YouTube's community guidelines which in turn led to the termination of my account. Although there was no specific information about the suspension however, I have reviewed the YouTube community guidelines and based on that I made my conclusion as to why it happened and if I may have violated it.

I have partly used this account for work, but mostly to keep my own personal video diary in one place, some of which at the beginning I was making public, and then realised I would be talking about some controversial things, and kept some videos private, later keeping all videos private. I naively thought that by keeping the videos private I would not need to worry about guidelines, which I am now aware is not the case. 

Here are some of the guidelines I may have broken, which I am deeply sorry for, and promise to in the future be more careful if my account is to be re-opened.

1.       Public VS Private Videos - My videos were private, and they were my video diary and after thoroughly reviewing the guidelines whether it's public, unlisted or private the same restrictions apply. I am extremely sorry, I thought if I marked it private, I would not have to worry about it, and it would only be for my personal use. That was my mistake, and if my account is reinstated I will make sure to follow the guidelines even for private videos.
2.       Content – Since this was my own private video diary hence, I have recorded my highs and lows and based on the YouTube guidelines there might be content considered as sensitive in all accounts. If my account is reinstated, I will be sure to take these videos down.
3.       COVID -19 misinfo Policy – in my Video diary, I may have said something that could come across as misinformation as I was simply stating my own opinions to myself and no one else, not thinking about the consequences. I am sorry, I now realise this is not a good place for my video diary to be kept.

I am deeply sorry for these misunderstandings and mistakes and would like to do whatever is necessary to make amends, have my channel reinstated, and proceed with greater caution to work within the community guidelines. 

As this account holds many topics dear to my heart, and many memories, I would be incredibly grateful if I could get access to my account again, even if it is simply to take down my videos so I can continue using my account on a professional basis.

Please let me know if you need anything else to restore my channel.

Thank you so much


Nritya Anurasa (Legal Marie Kalavska)
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Hi Andrew

I managed to find the email. It does not state my YOutuve ID or what violation I broke: 

Hi Nritya Anurasa,
We have reviewed your content and found severe or repeated violations of our Community Guidelines. Because of this, we have removed your channel from YouTube.
We know this is probably very upsetting news, but it's our job to make sure that YouTube is a safe place for all. If we think a channel severely violates our policies, we take it down to protect other users on the platform - but if you believe we've made the wrong call, you can appeal this decision. You'll find more information about the policy in question and how to submit an appeal below.
What our policy says
Spam, scams or commercially deceptive content are not allowed on YouTube.
How this affects your channel
We have permanently removed your channel from YouTube. Going forward, you won't be able to access, possess, or create any other YouTube channels.
What you can do next
There are steps you can take if you want to appeal this decision:
If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us here.
The YouTube Team

What I was posting about:

As mentioned I have been posting my video diary and some meditations. The meditations have no risk at all in why the account could be closed down so I will merely talk about the video diary which was kept 'unlisted'

In these videos the only content that could be broken is in the words I've said, as the video itself was always of me fully clothed not showing anything inappropriate

I have spoken of things such as tantra practices (non sexual related) and my emotional process around these

I have spoken about the topic of HIV and the way I have witnessed this impact life. I have also spoken of this being healed naturally without meds (not promoting it) as I have spoken to someone who has done this and found it fascinating. 

I have spoken of a person who has caused me a lot of emotional pain, but I have never revealed identities. I have mentioned this persons first name which isn't even their legal name by accident, but I did not mention their full name and they still cannot be identified. 

I have spoken of life in Bali and what Covid has been like here, and my experience of the regulations here. Again not promoting anything, just sharing my experience. 

I have spoken about romances, friends, health, financial struggles none of which are seen as breaking regulations. 

I am confused as to how these topics could be seen as breaking regulations especially as I was merely sharing lived experience and never saying to anyone do this or trying to convince someone that one way is right or wrong. It was always merely open opinions which I was under the impression we were allowed to post on Youtube, as long as we were not sharing harmful content, promoting harmful/ disrespectful content or revealing peoples identities which I have not been doing. 

I hope this is enough information, please let me know if there is anything else you need

Deep gratitude for your patience, time and effort 

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I am not a Google or YouTube employee - Product Experts are volunteers
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Unfortunately, the community guidelines apply to all videos on YouTube, including private videos. Appeals aren't for a "second chance," so if you actually violated the community guidelines  with your private videos, then there isn't anything I can do here.
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Dear Team and @andrew s

Andrew, thank you so much for your response. I have gone through the guidelines once again just to be 150% sure I did not break any guidelines by accident. I am also aware now I could have been more clear in my previous message, and I do apologise for that. I hope this makes it more clear that no guidelines were broken. 

I have read in detail through the guidelines again, with all the subheadings (I did not mark all subheadings here to make it more clear. if marked 'not broken' under the heading, that means all subheadings have not been broken) and I have listed all the places I have not broken the guidelines, and where there is a slight possibility I may have accidentally done so. 

I have never intentionally broken the policies, and am working very hard to reinstate my account and to make sure I can be a user of positive influence. 

I would greatly appreciate it if my account could be reinstated as I do believe I did not break any of these guidelines, and if this is refused, I would like to at least know a specific reason (video name and violation) so I can be aware and not repeat this by accident in the future on a new account. 

Thank you so much for your help

Fake Interaction 
Links in content 
Spam, fraudulent practices and scams 
Child safety 
  • Sexual exploitation of minors: Sexually explicit content featuring minors and content that sexually exploits minors. We report content containing images of child sexual abuse to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children in collaboration with global law enforcement agencies. 
  • Risky or dangerous acts involving minors: Content that shows minors engaging in hazardous activities, or encouraging minors to engage in hazardous activities. Never place minors in hazardous situations that could result in injury, including dangerous stunts, challenges, or pranks. NOT BROKEN
  • Inflicting emotional distress on minors: Content that may cause minor participants or viewers to experience emotional distress, such as
  • Misleading family content: Content that targets minors and families, but contains:
    NOT AWARE OF BREAKING: I did post content that was not appropriate for minors, and I was marking it as not appropriate for children. There is a slight possibility that I may have accidentally forgotten to mark this on one of the videos, but as my account was shut down, I cannot check for this or change it. I was also not given a specific reason for my account being closed. 
  • Cyberbullying and harassment involving minors: Content that:
Custom thumbnails  
Nudity and sexual content
  •  NOT BROKEN - I spoke of my experience of suicidal thoughts, but I did NOT promote this 
Harassment and cyberbullying  
Risky or harmful content 
Hate speech  
Violent crime organizations 
Violent or vulgar content 
Misinformation policy about COVID-19 
  • NOT BROKEN - I did speak of my experience with covid, but I did not speak about alternative treatments or disregard it in any way/ try to make others believe any views. I did not comment on transmission or provide any guidelines. I did however speak about social distancing situation in Bali, merely stating what my experience has been, not promoting it or telling anyone to do anything. 
Content featuring firearms 
Sale of Illegal or Regulated Goods
Additional policies 
  • NOT BROKEN - I was an active user

I really hope this means that my account can be reactivated. Having once again gone through this guidance, the only policy I may have accidentally broken is forgetting to mark not appropriate for ‘child content’ which of course, if that happened I would rectify this mistake, which I believe anyone could do as it is merely a button. 

I wish you a beautiful day and hope this is all the information you need to reinstate my account. 

Thank you

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Please help me sir
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I am not a Google or YouTube employee - Product Experts are volunteers
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It's not really helpful for you to say what you think you did not break. It's more relevant to describe what your content was about, including private videos (because even private videos have to follow the policy.) Obviously, there can be a disagreement between your interpretation of the rules and YouTube's interpretations of the rule so just saying "NOT BROKEN" will not help to point out any disagreements.
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Hi Andrew,

Where I felt there may have been a slight chance of breaking for whatever reasons I have stated what the content was about in the previous comment. 

I am not aware of breaking any regulations having read through them all, but as my account was suspended I cannot go back and triple check. 

The only one that is slightly possible is accidentally not marking 'not appropriate for children' which is merely a button. It seems a bit extreme to terminate my account without notice if I accidentally did this, which anyone could have done. 

I genuinely don't know where I could have broken a regulation, and Im trying to find it but I cant. I have not been told why my account was terminated without notice and I simply do not know what to do to try to get it re-activated when I genuinely believe I did not break any of the youtube regulations. 

Is there anything I can do to get my account re-activated, please? 

I appreciate your frustration, but I hope you can appreciate mine also. 

I hope you have a lovely weekend.
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Are bhai meri video par kyo copyright diya
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Hi Andrew,
what about somebody who has no channel and yet account was suspended?
how could i have violated anything when i am not even posting or uploading anything on youtube?

hoping for an enlightenment.
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I am not a Google or YouTube employee - Product Experts are volunteers
Relevant Answer
Please describe the content of the videos you posted
Please provide the following:
  1. A screenshot or copy and paste of the original suspension email,
  2. A screenshot of the rejected appeal
  3. Your /channel/ URL. (This may have been linked in the original suspension email, as a link to your name in the first paragraph of that email OR as a link to the channel at the end of the email. So if you copy/paste the original suspension email, it should be possible to get that.)
Please ensure that you are blocking out or removing any personal information (such as your email address) from any comment or screenshots you post. If you do not remove personal information, then your comment or thread may be DELETED to protect your privacy.
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This is the original email.  i don't have a URL because i don't have a channel.  i do not post and moreover i do not upload since i do not have my own channel.
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Hi Andrew,

Thank you for escalating. I can understand how this can be seen as a violation. However my understanding of the regulations is that I cannot promote or try to convince someone of something. I was not sharing any tools or techniques to be used or encouraging people to use them. I was simply stating my experiences and observations/ frustrations which I did not see as something I am not allowed to do in regulations. I hope I understood this correctly. 

Thank you again for escalating and looking into this I really appreciate it. 

Have a lovely day

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