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Is there a way to make the recommendations on a video page be related to video currently playing?  About 6-12 months ago something changed, and the videos recommended are rarely related to the video currently playing.  They are, however, things Youtube knows i like.  Thanks, but if i've searched out a video of a comedian, i want the "up next" and recommended videos to be... more comedy.  Instead, i get woodworking videos, music videos, maker videos, etc.  These are all things that i watch a lot of, and youtube does a great job of recommending things that i like based on my history... but they are unrelated to the current video.  My youtube home page is a place for random recommendations.  My video page should be populated with things similar to what i'm currently watching.  If i've searched out a music video by an artist, there should be more videos by that same artist in the recommendations.  Is there a setting somewhere that i'm not seeing that allows me to choose "related videos" instead of "recommended for you" videos?
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I experienced this too, it has been a real concern for me, that is why i came here to find an answer. This spesific account was used to watch about korean content, but the recommended video always showed me about 2-3 videos that aren't even related (the video was based from my country location & i didn't even remember that i've watched that kind of videos before).
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User experience design on related videos. YouTube has failed on this step.
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This change really gets my anger flowing.  It's a big change. If I'm watching a video for wool-vs-synthetic in regards to winter camping and hiking, I'm seeing video recommendations of "how to cook a sardine pizza", and "tank driving in ww2",    "cats befriend one eyed badger".  Seriously google, I'm tired of your shit.
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I just sat down to write the description of my "related videos are not working" issue, and seriously, the draft-paragraph I composed in MS Word is almost verbatim what the original poster wrote up above!!!
Like you guys, I thought that it was somewhere in the YouTube settings (that I have scoured well over 4 times in the recent past, BTW) Google's too!  I am SO aggravated by this change. It IS VERY possible for YouTube to pull this VERY SIMPLE THING off, as the related videos thing STILL currently operates properly when I watch YouTube on my iPad!  Obviously my preference is watching YouTube videos on my TUBE, however!
I think what ticks me off more than anything is that it is impossible to ever get a HUMAN'S reply to a problem or question I have  from YOUTUBE!  Like Mozilla, Yahoo, and many other massive entities...It's just US, fellow users.....paddling around in the dark...hoping that someone else out there in the same boat has the answer....   When I see the words "Help Forums" or "Help Community" I just want to start throwing things...   They're all multi-billion dollar entities....and they can't they hire a few dozen people to answer questions about their product? We have to do THEIR jobs too?
(I should have probably gotten on my soapbox somewhere else, I guess....I only got up on it because everyone else here is ticked off about it too and none of us are getting any answers)
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i want to see full videos
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All my chinese  drama,video s,news are also gone forever😨😨😨😨😨😨
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Mee too my video dint play i don't know what was happening😢😢😢i can't wait too watch the comedian movie but it don'tplay can you help me what would i do
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Also very upset about how Youtube's related videos work. I can NEVER find videos that are even nearly similar to ones that I search for.
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Mine does't really work i mean it has no videos for related vids to what im watching
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1 day
I hate this too, it just happened to me
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