Known Issues

We're always working to resolve problems that pop up on YouTube. If your problem is listed below, we're aware of the issue and are working to fix it as soon as possible. If your problem isn't listed below, learn how you can report an issue.

Please note that due to high email volume, we're unable to individually answer emails relating to our known issues.

If you see a message that says, "We are currently performing site maintenance. Be cool - we'll be back 100% in a bit," there may be a site maintenance outage

Uploading Videos

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Videos are shortened

We're aware of a problem where large AVI files are being shortened. For example, if you have a 30 minute video, it may be shortened to a 5 minute video. As we investigate, please try uploading your video in a different format.

Sharing and Social

Watching Videos

Login, Signup, and Accounts

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"Oops! Something went wrong." error message when updating channels

On the YouTube for Android and iOS apps, you may be prompted to connect your YouTube channel to a Google+ profile or page before you can post a comment. When the YouTube app opens in your device's browser, you may see the "Oops! Something went wrong." error message.

If you see this message, please follow these steps:

  1. On, touch "Sign out" in the Guide.
  2. Open the YouTube app and tap on a comment to view the update prompt. This will take you to
  3. On, sign in with the same email address and password that's currently signed into your app.

If you're still seeing this error in the app after updating your account, try signing out and in again.


Paid content

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Can't play my movie in HD on the web

Not all movies on YouTube are available in HD. If you purchased the HD version of a movie from Google Play you'll still be able to watch on YouTube, but the quality will be SD. You can still watch in HD on a supported Android device.

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My season pass doesn't appear on the YouTube iOS app

There is currently an issue with watching videos from a season pass purchases on the YouTube iOS app. Season passes are not displayed in the Purchases tab of the YouTube iOS app, making individual episodes within those seasons inaccessible.

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It's not possible to make a purchase while using a +page identity

It's not currently possible to make a purchase while using YouTube as your +page identity. You'll need to switch to your profile-based identity in order to make a purchase, or watch videos you've purchased.

Follow these steps to switch to your profile account.


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Home screen widget unavailable on Android

You may have noticed that the Home screen widget is no longer supported after updating to the latest version of the Android app. With less than half a percent of views coming through the widget, we're instead focusing on making the What to Watch experience even more useful for finding great new videos to watch.

  • Remove the widget: Touch and hold, then drag up to remove.
  • Feedback: If you'd like to provide feedback to the team about this change, go to Menu > Send Feedback in the app.

Live Events

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My live stream ingestion is struggling and I'd like to switch to Google Public DNS

If your live stream ingestion is struggling, it may be due to a misconfigured DNS sending the stream to a distant geographical location. Follow these instructions to configure your network to use Google Public DNS.

Other Issues