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Known Issues

We're always working to resolve problems that pop up on YouTube. If your problem is listed below, we're aware of the issue and are working to fix it as soon as possible. If your problem isn't listed below, learn how you can report an issue.

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Subscriptions, uploads and playlists not appearing properly

UPDATE: 18 AUGUST 2017 17:15 UTC

Since January 2017, a few users have noticed inconsistent behaviour in their subscriptions:

  • Tapping or clicking Subscribe does not change the look of the button immediately.
  • Channels that you're subscribed to still show Subscribe button.
  • Missing playlists, subscriptions and uploads on your mobile device.
  • (Fixed) Subscriptions not appearing in the Channel list of your Subscriptions  tab.

Since users are still subscribed to these channels, they see notifications and videos appearing in the subscription feed. Subscriber counts are not affected by these issues.

If you are missing playlists, subscriptions and uploads on your mobile device:

Try switching accounts to locate your content.

  1. Tap on the Account  icon or profile photo.
  2. Tap the arrow next to your name.
  3. Tap on a channel in the list to start using that account.

For all other issues, check back here for updates.

Third-party extensions subscribing you to channels without your permission

22:40 UTC 26 MAY 2017

Since early April, you may be experiencing an issue in which third-party extensions subscribe you to channels without your permission. These are not official extensions from the Chrome Store and this behaviour violates the Chrome Web Store Terms of Service.

You may be experiencing this issue if:

  • You see notifications for videos and channels that you don't remember subscribing to.
  • You see notifications for videos and channels that you have unsubscribed from.

Please be aware when downloading apps or extensions from outside the Chrome Web Store. If you believe that a non-compliant app came from the Chrome Web Store, report it to Chrome

Install and manage extensions

  1. Only add extensions from the Chrome Store or sites that you are familiar with.

  2. Before you install an extension, check which Chrome settings the extension changes.
  3. Check chrome://extensions to disable or remove extensions that you don't recognise.
  4. If you think you have malware, remove it.
  5. If you find something in the Chrome Web Store that violates the Chrome Web Store Terms of Service, report it.

Learn more about managing extensions.

Comments showing on wrong video

15:35 UTC 4 October 2017

Since the end of August, in some cases, you may be experiencing an issue where comments from one video are showing on another video. This issue only affects desktop users. We are aware of this issue and are working to resolve it.

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Subscriber count has dropped

30 AUGUST 2017

On 30 August, you may notice that your subscriber count has dropped. If so, it's because we discovered a larger-than-normal amount of either closed or spam accounts subscribed to your channel. We have fixed the issue and removed these accounts from your subscriber count. This is part of our regular process to make sure that our site metrics are free of spam. 

Learn more about subscriber counts.

YouTube Capture unavailable on iOS 11

With the release of iOS 11, the YouTube Capture app is now incompatible with the new operating system and will not open. Any videos that you’ve already uploaded to YouTube using the YouTube Capture app will not be affected.

We have built many of the features into the YouTube app so you don’t need two different apps for editing and uploading. Please note that uploading through the YouTube app does not support multi-clip editing.

If you do not update to iOS 11, the app will continue working for the time being. 

Bulk video update error

POSTED: 20 OCTOBER 2017 15:37 UTC

This issue has been fixed. If you continue to experience it, let us know.

You may currently be experiencing an error when you bulk update videos in Video Manager. This affects all users accessing Video Manager on desktop. We're aware of this issue and we're working to resolve it. In the meantime, you can edit your videos individually or try selecting a smaller group of videos. We expect the issue to be resolved in the next few days. 

Delayed delivery of videos to Subscription feed

02:00, 12 October 2017

Between 2 and 11 October 2017, you may have experienced an issue where some videos took longer than usual to reach the Subscription feed. This issue has now been fixed.