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Contrast and brightness in Youtube flash player


some flash players will give you an option for contrast or brightness

I have seen it on this site for example = (http://www.watch-movies-links.net/movies/whatever/)

pick a movie and u will see the options for FLASH PLAYER

Check this URL OUT
Below the video is the pause button, video size and brightness option, then on the right is full screen
Why cant Youtube have this option ?


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I personally think it's *ridiculous* that users aren't given the *basics* first, ie. long-known standards of volume, brightness, contast, screen size, you know, things that have been around in electronics/video for 40+ years now. Guaranteed smooth playback is more important than high def. and instead we are given HD, jerky video, high bit rates that can't flow across the internet, no brightness, only post-2007 high quality, no pre-2007 low bandwidth or smaller screen choice at times when you need guaranteed playback, etc. The basics first please.
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I have asked Google a thousand times in the past but no results
Funny websites from China have them !
Why can't USA and/or Google Canada?
Thanks for the post GregSpy
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