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Jason Sheriff

Where's the best place to buy youtube views cheap?

Hey I'd like to know where is the best place to buy youtube views cheap. I really need to buy some to promote my friends music video that is coming out soon. So definitely tell me the best place, and how much they charge for me to buy youtube views thanks!
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Hey, sounds like you are really excited on getting started on getting your channel suspended.

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Yeah, regular visitors to the discussion boards these days are seeing an increase in people asking why all their views were removed or why their account got suspended. It seems quite risky.

The main purpose of buying views is to give your video credibility. "Hey, this song got 10,000 views. It must be pretty good, Let's check it out." However, one problem with buying views is that you will likely and up with 10,000 views with an average viewing time of something like 1.4 seconds. This would be intrepreted by YouTube's algorithm as "wow, this video must be really bad!". Consequently, it would never feature as a recommended video and would be buried at the bottom of search results. To get views, you would need to keep buying them and keep promoting the video again and again and again. There will be almost no natural, organic growth.  

Arun chandwaney
Arun chandwaney
buying views can be risky, specially if they are fake/botted
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If you decide to go into the realm of shadyness and scams, don't be surprised if it fires back at some point. Bought views are never legit. If they're not botted, they happened in click farms where people are paid maybe a dollar per day to watch these videos. 
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On Friday, May 30, 2014 7:09:36 PM UTC+8, LEOXD wrote:

Gosh.That's a toxic rating.

@Jason. If you are still planning on going down that route despite all of our warnings, do clear things with your friend first. There was a post recently from a band member asking why his video had been stripped of all of its views when he never used a view-selling service.We suggested to him that perhaps one of his fans or friends might have bought views as a personal 'favor.' Don't become that 'friend'.
Hmmm, Good prices :)
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