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YouTube app on Samsung smart tv not working for longer time

I purchased Samsung UN50H6350 50-Inch 1080p 120Hz Smart LED TV in December'2014 and I am facing issues with YouTube app from day-1.
I am not able to play any movie/video for more than 50 minutes, as the application freezes off and resetting to home page. Sometime it plays for 20 -30 minutes and freezes and sometimes it freezes off in 5 -10 minutes and not more than 50 minutes (maximum time) it is playing.
I do not have any issues using the Yupp TV or Netflix apps on the same tv. I have contacted Samsung about this issue and they state it is a YouTube issue. I have the fastest router and internet speeds available to date. The tv is updated with the latest Samsung software. If all the other apps function normally I believe it would be safe to assume there is a problem at the YouTube end. Can you please investigate and provide a solution for this issue. Thanks
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I just logged in to research this exact issue. I have a Samsung Smart LED 46. And, like you, was told by Samsung that this is a YouTube issue. Looking forward to learning how to fix this.
I recently bought a new Samsung UHD TV, model UHD55JU7100.  The built in YouTube app is an absolute failure.  Don't think that buying a new Samsung TV will help with the problem that you folks have been reporting for years! I have a consistent 45+Mbps download speed and 12Mbps upload as measured on the TV using 3 speed test sites.  I have a new NetGear 1900AC router, a new 6183 Arris router, and the TV is hardwired to my network with Cat6 cable no longer than 15 feet....no wireless is used.   I have updated to the latest firmware on both the router and the TV.  The TV is running update 1216.5, current as of June 13 2015.  With only the TV on, no other computers, phones, tablets etc on the network, the YouTube app still studders, stops, and crackles every few minutes.   It seems to definitely to be a problem with caching in the browser...but only with YouTube, not Hulu, not Amazon...just YouTube.  From reading all the responses here on the YouTube Help forum, it seems like a problem that YouTube have has had for years.  Each update brings hope but only results in disappointment.   I have contacted Samsung support 3 times on this issue.  Each time, they remote into the TV, they reset my SmartHub, reset the TV, check the download speeds and always end up saying it's a YouTube problem and "to contact YouTube as it's not a Samsung problem".   Wonder if YouTube is aware that hundreds of complaints are being log against them through Samsung's support groups?
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