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Error - Try Again, when posting a comment

Title says all really.

I am trying to post a comment on my own video, so don't give me any approval junk, I APPROVE!

I figured out its a bug, and found that out of all the forums on youtube the only one informative, yet useless was this:

"We've seen many of you post about the fact you're seeing a red error message which reads: "Error Try Again" when you try to post a comment. This is a known issue and the bug has been reported to our team. The engineers are currently working on a fix and hope to have comments working again in a few days. Thanks for your patience for those of you who were impacted by this bug, and we appreciate you visiting the forum to let us know about the trouble you've been having with comments.

All the best from this end,

~ Liz (on behalf of the YouTube Team)"

PS: A year ago.... -_-

So, since its clearly not fixed, anyone got any ACTUAL solutions other then youtube telling me "Wait dear good sir!"?

I keep getting problems on youtube and all they say is they are going to fix it....a year ago....on all the problems -_-
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A year ago there was a temporary issue. It was fixed a year ago. That old post probably has cobwebs.
I comment on videos by the dozens, every day, and I have no problems except for the rare occasions when they're disabled for maintenance. If you're trying to post anything that so much as looks like a web address, a link, an email address, or HTML, you'll get that error. If you even use three w's in a row you'll get it. Also, anything spammy, such as "sub 4 sub", will be blocked.
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TY. I think its the persons name.
I have the same problem. 
I don't write anything spammy. 

It's been about a year now since it started happening. Don't know who to ask to fix it. Help in youtube is really unhelpful.
Dumindu Madithiyagasthenna
Dumindu Madithiyagasthenna
I FOUND OUT HOW TO COMMENT!!! When I posted a link in my comment the error came. Then I removed the part "https://www" and posted, it worked!!!!!.
Well, I'm getting the red error message again and again. No URLs, no bad words, within length, and still the stupid red error MSG. I also tried CTRL-refresh repeatedly to no avail. Youtube is too worried about policing the damn comments. We don't need comment nazis. I know there are spammers, but sometimes it would be Nice to refer to another youtube video, and you can't do that either. (not that I did. I have NO IDEA what the error message is for) Here is an idea, oh brilliant programmers - have an error message that tells what the problem is. All you need is a simple case statement for each error, with an explanatory string. The dumbest web programmer can do that. I was doing stuff like that in TRS 80 basic twenty years ago.

The commenter above is right. Help for youtube is nonexistent and useless. Nobody actually reads these messages but us. I'm sure they have an ignoreMessage(){} function for these complaint pages ;')
Gofa Curself
Gofa Curself
I think I'm being censored right now. I just replied to someone and my post disappeared.
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