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New YouTube tools to help with your digital wellbeing

Every single person uses YouTube differently. Some of us use it to learn new things, while others use it when they need a laugh or to stay in touch with their favorite creators. Whether you consider yourself a power user or just like watching videos from time to time, we want to help everyone better understand their tech usage, disconnect when needed, and create healthy habits.

That’s why we’re launching a series of updates to the YouTube mobile app that can begin to help everyone develop their own sense of digital wellbeing.

  1. [Update 8/27 – time watched profile has now launched!] To give you a better understanding of the time you spend on YouTube, we’re building a time watched profile that you can find in your Account menu. This usage profile includes your daily average watch time and how long you’ve watched YouTube videos today, yesterday and over the past 7 days, along with a full suite of tools for users who want to manage their watching habits.

  1. Take a break reminder: This feature lets you set a reminder to (you guessed it!) take a break while watching videos. Just set the reminder to appear every 15, 30, 60, 90 or 180 minutes, and your video will pause at that interval until you dismiss it or resume playing the video. This feature is “off” by default and can be enabled/disabled and adjusted in your Settings. See these instructions.

  1. Scheduled notification digest: This feature allows you to combine all of the daily push notifications you receive from the YouTube app into a single combined notification. Just set a specific time to receive your scheduled digest and from then on you’ll only receive one notification per day. The scheduled digest is “off” by default and can be turned off/on in Settings with these steps.

Note: With the scheduled digest, you’ll still receive all of your notifications. It combines all push notifications including live streams, upload and comment notifications. By enabling this feature, you may not see a live stream until after it has ended.

  1. Disable notification sounds and vibrations: This feature ensures that notifications from the YouTube app are sent silently to your phone during a specified time period each day. By default, all sounds and vibrations will be disabled between 10pm and 8am, but you can enable/disable the feature and customize the start and end times from your Settings. Good news for everyone: Our early tests show that when sound and vibration is disabled between 10pm and 8am there's a reduction in both notification opt-outs and unsubscriptions.

These features, except for the time watched profile, will be rolling out to everyone over the next few days on the latest version of the YouTube mobile app (version 13.17+). The time watched profile will be available in the coming months!

We’re dedicated to making sure that you have the information you need to better understand your use of YouTube and change things to make the experience right for you. In fact, Google as a whole is working to improve digital wellbeing for all its users. Want to learn more? Check out a full breakdown of all the ways you can manage your Google and YouTube experience right here.

And as always, your feedback is critical to helping us improve the product. Feel free to share your thoughts in comments below and you can submit feedback in the app at any time by tapping on your Account icon and then the “Send Feedback” button.

Hope you enjoy the updates!


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I have been waiting for about 6 MONTHS for my channel to be monetized.  Please see the attached Screen Shot which shows my channel meets the requirements and is eligible for monetization.  I have posted on this forum before, reached out to creator support, I have tried everything!!  Please, is there anyone who can help jumpstart my application review?

They just posted today that applications are in review until June!  That is ridiculous.  There has to be a way someone can take a look at my channel and approve it before then!!!!?????
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Эксперт (специалист сообщества) – сторонний специалист, который делится с другими пользователями своим опытом работы с сервисами Google.
Эксперт (Ведущий участник) – активный пользователь, хорошо знакомый с сервисами Google.
Эксперт (Наставник) – опытный пользователь из числа Ведущих участников, который помогает Активным участникам и новичкам, а также всем, кто интересуется Программой для ведущих участников.
Эксперт (Прежний ведущий участник) – пользователь, который проявлял активность ранее, но вышел из программы.
Эксперт (Активный участник) – новичок, не так давно зарекомендовавший себя на форуме.
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