YouTube Data API Services - Audited Developer Requests form

If you have been audited in the past 12 months and have been marked compliant by YouTube API Services Team, only then fill out this form for additional quota requests. We will use the information you provide in accordance with our Privacy Policy 

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General Information 

About your organization as it relates to YouTube


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Actively monitored email address for service announcements or contacts for further information.

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If you have a working relationship with a Google employee, enter their contact email here

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API Client Information

An "API Client" is your website or software application that accesses or uses YouTube API Services.

Has your API use case changed since the previous audit? Answer if applicable *

Quota Information

Only fill out and submit this section if you are nearing your allocated quota limit

Enter your project number as shown on Google Developer Console
A project number must contain exclusively numeric values
"Additional Quota" = "Total Quota Needed" - "Current Allocated Quota"
Please enter valid number for  additional quota that you are requesting

Provide a detailed breakdown :

- Expected growth and timelines

- Arithmetic calculations justifying the additional quota

- Daily usage pattern (total number of calls and peak QPS)

- Expected number of calls

Minimum 200 characters

Acknowledgement of API ToS and DP

I have read and agree to the YouTube API Services Terms of Service (including the Developer Policies and Google Privacy Policy) and my current and proposed access to, and use of, YouTube API Service(s) comply with the YouTube API Services Terms of Service. *
If I provide a demo account and instructions on how Google can access my API Client, I understand and agree that Google is not bound to any terms of service or policies that apply to such account or access to my API Client. *
The above facts are true to the best of my knowledge and I understand that should the above facts be found to be untrue, YouTube may terminate my API Client's access to the YouTube API Services as per YouTube's Terms of Service and Developer Policies *$0
Some account and system information will be sent to Google, and support calls and chats may be recorded. We will use this information to improve support quality and training, to help address technical issues, and to improve our products and services, subject to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Translation services may be used in chats and email.
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