Interact with Stadia games

When you watch a live stream of a Stadia game on YouTube, you can use features that let you interact with the game.

Crowd Choice

Crowd Choice is a polling feature available for live streamed games played on Stadia.

When a creator is live streaming a game they're playing on Stadia and has Crowd Choice turned on, a poll can appear in the live chat. In the poll, you can vote for what you think should happen next in a game. The option that gets the most votes in chat can show up in the game’s live stream.

What you can vote on

The options you can vote on vary by game, but can include options like what weapon to use, which level to go to next, how many power boosts to use, what to say in the dialogue, and more.

For info on how Crowd Choice works in specific games, check with the game’s developer.

How to vote

To vote in a Crowd Choice poll:

  1. Go to a live stream of a Stadia game that has Crowd Choice turned on.
  2. When a poll displays in the chat, vote for what you want to happen.
    • Buttons: For some polls, buttons will display in the chat box on the web or on your mobile device. Select a button to vote in the poll. You can only vote once in this type of poll.
    • Text vote: For other polls, a message will pop up and you can enter your vote directly into the chat box. For these polls, you can vote more than once.
  3. When the poll is complete, results show up in the chat box and the most popular choice shows up in the live streamed game.

Crowd Choice poll results will stay in the chat window during gameplay, so you can still see them after the vote ends.

Learn more about Crowd Choice in Stadia’s Help Center.

Crowd Play

Crowd Play is a feature that lets you join in a line and play with a Creator who is live streaming a specific game on YouTube. When a creator is live streaming a game they're playing on Stadia and has Crowd Play turned on, a button will appear below the chat box, inviting viewers to play or queue to play with the Creator.

What you'll need to play

Note: You’ll need to be signed in to Google and Stadia with the same account.

How to play

To play with a Creator in a Crowd Play live stream:

  1. Go to a live stream of a Stadia game that has Crowd Play turned on.
  2. Click one of the “Play” buttons to join the queue:
    • “Play”: You are already signed in to Stadia and have purchased the game
    • “Play on Stadia”: You need to sign in to Stadia or create an account
    • “Buy & Play”: You’ll need to purchase the game or claim it for free, if it’s a Stadia Pro game
  3. Click “Start Now” when it’s your turn. You will have 1 minute to join the game so keep an eye on your place in line. If you miss your chance to join, we will automatically put you back in line.
  4. Stadia will open in a new full-screen tab in Chrome.
  5. Start playing!

The live stream will pause while you play Stadia with the Creator. Depending on the game, you may have to return to YouTube to join the line again after the match ends.

Learn more about Crowd Play in Stadia’s Help Center.
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