Third-party tools & services

Note: The services on this list are being provided by a third party, Google can neither guarantee the quality of the services nor assist you with any dispute that might arise between you and the service provider. Additionally, this list is not comprehensive and does not indicate that Google has any formal relationship with these providers. Participation in this list by service providers is voluntary.

You can manage your captions, translations, and subtitle needs with third-party tools and services. These third-party tools and services are governed by their own terms and conditions that you should read and understand.

Captioning and subtitling service providers

Company Description
3Play Media 3Play Media is a provider of closed captioning and video accessibility services for online video. Check out this article on the 3Play Media site for more info.
Amara Amara is a provider of closed captioning and video accessibility services (Amara On Demand) and tools that help manage community contributions (Amara Community). Check out this article on the Amara site for more info.
Cielo24 Cielo24 is a provider of closed captioning and video accessibility services for online video. Check out this article on the Cielo24 site for more i

Rev is a provider of closed captioning and video accessibility services for online video. Check out this article on the Rev site for more info.

Amberscript Amberscript provides closed captions, translated subtitles, audio description, and dubbing services. By combining artificial intelligence with a team of 1000+ language specialists, Amberscript offers professional captions or subtitles at only a fraction of the cost. Take a look here to learn how to add captions to your YouTube video or check out the Amberscript site for additional services.

Dubbing service providers

Company Description
Creator Global CreatorGlobal is a dubbing provider that helps creators become global superstars by localizing their content and growing their channel in new markets. Check out the Creator Global website for more info and submit inquiries here.

AIR provides a full range of translation and localization services for YouTubers in 50+ languages: from closed captioning, translation, localization, AI- and human dubbing to turn-key translated and localized YouTube channels. Check out this article on the AIR website for more info and submit inquiries here.

Papercup Papercup’s AI powered dubbing technology offers cost effective dubbing, quality checked by translators. Papercup's expressive synthetic voices have powered hundreds of millions of views on YouTube. Check out the Papercup website for more info and submit inquiries here.

VITAC, a Verbit Company, is a media industry’s provider of dubbing, subtitling and translation services to all major TV production companies, Networks and YouTube Content Creators globally. Check out the VITAC website for more info and submit inquiries here.

Vidby Vidby is an AI-powered software for fast, budget-friendly, and 100% accurate video translation and dubbing into 75 languages and 65 dialects with a rich library of voices (including children, teens, adults, and seniors) to choose from. Check out this article on the Vidby website for more info and submit inquiries here.
WellSaid Labs WellSaid Labs is the industry-leading synthetic voice provider, trusted by thousands of companies globally. Check out the WellSaid Labs website for more info and submit inquiries here.
Shorthand Studios Shorthand Studios is a next generation service provider for digital first creators and brands with advanced translation capabilities. The studio provides dubbing services in over 20 languages for today's leading brands. Check out the Shorthand Studios website for more info and submit inquiries here.
Deep Media Deep Media provides translation and dubbing services for free with DubSync. This revolutionary AI-powered tool breaks down language barriers quickly and seamlessly in 20+ languages. Check out the Deep Media website for more information and submit inquiries here.
XTracks XTracks provides high-quality Dubbing and Audio Description to localize your content and make it accessible to blind and low vision audiences. Check out the XTracks website for more info.
Ollang Ollang is a 1-stop shop platform for end-to-end localization. It provides subtitles, closed captions, high-quality studio dubbing and AI dubbing for TV, movies, creators and e-learning platforms. Check out Ollang's website for more information and submit inquiries here.
Dubverse provides AI-powered real-time Video Dubbing and Subtitling across 30+ languages with a self-serve platform, starting with the FREE version built for creators. Check out this article on the website for more info.

Camb.AI Camb.AI uses proprietary and patented AI-powered technology to capture and transfer, in real-time, voice modulations and speech nuances, ensuring authentic, seamless experiences for a complete performance transfer in multi-speaker videos, even in environments with ambient sounds. Catering to over 100 languages, 30 accents, and 40 dialects, acts as a passport for content creators to unlock a global audience. Check out the Camb.AI website for more info, or submit inquiries here.
Dubly.AI Dubly.AI offers content creators and businesses the perfect solution for translating their videos with 100% accuracy. Dubly.AI offers a special discount program for YouTube creators. Visit the Dubly.AI website for more information or submit your inquiry here.
ElevenLabs ElevenLabs partners with top creators and entertainment companies to translate and dub content, ensuring it can be enjoyed in any language while preserving the style of the original vocals. ElevenLabs provides automatic dubbing in 29 languages and offers dedicated support to top YouTubers. Try them out for free today at the ElevenLabs website or sign up for their premium white-glove support here.
MadLove MadLove specializes in languages, access and connection. It provides audio description that is blind-centered, dubbing that is lip-sync and culturally conscious, and content connection to global audiences that is nuanced and meaningful. For more information for your project, check out the MadLove website or submit inquiries here.

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