Learn where viewers clicked Subscribe

Use YouTube Analytics to understand where your subscribers were when they hit the “Subscribe” button. This info helps you understand what content or YouTube pages are best at converting viewers to subscribers.

View your subscriber sources

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left menu, select Analytics.
  3. On any card, click SEE MORE.
  4. From the top, select Subscription source.

Note: If your video or channel doesn’t have enough traffic during the selected time period, you may not see the subscription source dimension.

Understand different subscriber sources

YouTube watch page Subscriptions from the subscribe button on video watch pages.
Your YouTube channel Subscriptions from the subscribe button on your channel homepage.
Other YouTube channel Subscriptions from other channels that feature your channel.
Interactive features Subscriptions from interactive features on your videos, such as end screens, or video watermarks.
YouTube home Subscriptions from the YouTube homepage.
YouTube search Subscriptions from search results. You can also read which searches viewers entered into the search bar before they subscribed.
YouTube advertising Subscriptions from ads.
Posts Subscriptions from Community Posts.
Subscriptions feed Reduction in subscriber count from the subscriptions feed. This info can help you understand how your upload frequency impacts your subscriber count.
Subscriptions channel list Unsubscribes from the mobile subscription list and computer subscriptions manager.
Closed accounts Reduction in subscriber count caused by removal of closed accounts and spam.
External Subscriptions from videos or subscribe buttons embedded on websites other than YouTube.
(Artists only) Official Artist Channels

If you have an Official Artist Channel, subscriptions directly on your Official Artist channel homepage will be counted in the "Your YouTube channel" row.

Subscribers from your topic channel or previous channel homepage will be counted in the "Official Artist Channels" row.

Other Subscriptions from unspecified sources.

Note: In YouTube Analytics, you can view a breakdown of the number of subscribers that subscribed from your videos, Shorts, live streams, posts, and others. Learn more.

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