Check bell notification delivery

Creators often wonder if all notifications were sent for their video. You can use the “Bell notifications sent” card in YouTube Studio to learn exactly how many bell notifications are sent to your subscribers.

Find your bell notification metrics

The “Bell notifications sent” card automatically shows on the Reach tab of YouTube Analytics when you have enough subscribers. The card is only available for individual videos. To find the card:

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left menu, select Videos.
  3. Click the video’s title or thumbnail.
  4. In the left menu, select Analytics and then Reach.
  5. Find the “Bell notifications sent” card.

Learn about notification metrics

  • Notifications sent: The number of bell notifications sent to subscribers who get all notifications from your channel, and have turned on YouTube notifications for their account and device.
  • Notifications CTR (click-through rate): The percentage of people who clicked the bell notification they got about your video.
  • Views from bell notifications: Views you got from people who clicked a bell notification and immediately watched your video. This number does not include people who saw your bell notification and watched your video later. You can get a breakdown of views from app notifications versus email updates in your traffic sources report.

Watch to learn about notification metrics

Check out the following video from the YouTube Creators channel for an explanation of these metrics.

Were Notifications Sent to My Subscribers?


What are “bell notifications”?

Bell notifications are notifications sent to subscribers who both:
  • Turned on all notifications for your channel 
  • Have notifications turned on for their account and device 

How should I use the “Bell notifications sent” card?

The “Bell notifications sent” works together with the “Subscriber bell notifications” card:
  • The “Subscriber bell notifications” card shows what portion of your subscribers clicked the bell  to get all notifications from your entire channel. It also shows how many of those subscribers are eligible to get notifications, based on their device and account settings.
  • The “Bell notifications sent” card shows how many people got your bell notification, clicked it, and watched your video. This card also shows the number of subscribers you had when publishing your video who were eligible to get a bell notification.

Why don’t I see the “Bell notifications sent” card?

The “Bell notifications sent” card automatically shows when you have enough subscribers who both:
  • Turned on all notifications for your channel 
  • Have notifications turned on for their account and device 
In addition, you’ll only see the “Bell notifications sent” card if:
  • You’re looking at analytics for individual videos
  • Your video has been public
  • Your livestream was public while you were live
If your livestream was private or unlisted, you won’t see this card, even if you make the archive of your livestream public later.

How is my notifications CTR different from my thumbnail CTR?

Your notifications CTR represents how many people saw a bell notification for your video and clicked it. Your thumbnail CTR represents how many people saw your video thumbnail on YouTube and clicked it. Learn more about your impressions and CTR.

Why is my notifications CTR lower than my impressions CTR?

It’s normal for your notifications CTR to be lower than your impressions CTR
People get notifications throughout their day, but can’t always watch videos. They may be at work or cooking dinner. Your impressions CTR is measured based on activity on YouTube. It represents behavior from people who are actively looking for something to watch on YouTube, rather than people in the midst of their day-to-day life. 
Why didn’t all my notifications send?
Here are the most common reasons your “Bell notification sent” may be less than 100%:
  • Your channel already sent the maximum of 3 video notifications in a 24-hour period.
  • You published more than 3 videos in a short amount of time.
  • Your subscriber count changed significantly in the last 24 hours. Learn more.
  • You changed your video’s privacy settings before all notifications were sent.
  • You skipped notifications for this video.
How do changes in my subscriber count affect my percentage of bell notifications sent?
It's normal for your subscriber count to change often. If for some reason your subscriber count significantly changes just before you publish a video, you may see less than 100% bell notifications sent.
In these situations, we'll still notify all eligible subscribers, but the card may show less than 100% due to reporting delays.

I’m below the “Typical on YouTube” range for notifications CTR. Is that bad?

There are many factors that influence whether a subscriber will click to open a notification. Viewers may not click on a notification depending on time of day, what they’re doing, and so on. 
Many channels don’t fall in this range and still perform well. Notifications are just one of many traffic sources for views. Other sources include Up next, Home, search, external sources, and the Subscriptions feed. Different channels get varying percentages of traffic from different traffic sources.

Can I check the “Bell notifications sent” card for previous time periods?

Historical values aren’t available for the “Bell notifications sent” card. If you change the date range in YouTube Analytics, the data in the card will stay the same.
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