How to watch purchased movies & TV shows

Once you buy or rent movies and TV shows on YouTube, you can watch them on any of the following supported devices. You will need to be signed in to your Google Account in order to access your purchases. Learn more about how to purchase movies & TV shows on a computer or mobile device, or on a Smart TV.

Watch on a Computer

To access purchased movies and TV shows on a computer, sign in to YouTube and select “Your Movies & Shows” on the left side menu. From there, select “Purchased” to view movies and TV shows you’ve purchased.
You can watch movies and shows that you've rented or purchased on web browsers that support HTML5 playback. Check out which web browsers work with movies and shows on YouTube.

Watch on a mobile device

You can watch rentals and purchases on certain smartphones and tablets using the YouTube mobile app on your device.
You can find all the videos you've purchased by tapping Library and going to “Your Movies & Shows” on the left side menu.
Things to note:
  • You can purchase content on your iOS device in selected locations. To see if iOS purchases are supported in your location, please check here.
  • If iOS purchasing is not supported in your location, you can still purchase movies and TV shows on another device and then watch them on your iOS device using the instructions above.

Watch using Chromecast

If you own a Chromecast, you can use it to watch YouTube rentals and purchases on your TV. Start by opening the YouTube app on your mobile device and making sure you are signed in to your Google Account. After you’ve done that:  
  1. Select a YouTube video that you'd like to watch. 
  2. To cast the video to your TV, click Cast  .
You can also cast from your Chrome browser by following the steps listed in this article.
For general questions about using Chromecast, visit the Chromecast Help Center.

Watch on Smart TVs

You can also access purchased movies and TV shows on the YouTube app for Smart TVs, Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV and Roku.

View movies and shows you’ve purchased on YouTube by signing in to the YouTube app, and navigating to Your movies and shows in the Library tab. Please ensure you have the latest version of the YouTube app installed on your device. 

Rentals and purchases can also be cast to Android TV using the Cast  button on your phone, tablet or computer.

Watch on game consoles

Movies and TV shows purchased on YouTube can be viewed using Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Wii U, and Nintendo Switch devices.
To watch a movie or TV show that you've purchased, sign in to the YouTube app, then go to the Library tab  and then “Your Movies & Shows." From there, select “Purchased” to view movies and TV shows you’ve purchased.
You cannot purchase movies or TV shows on game consoles at this time. You can purchase the movie or TV show on another device and then watch it on your game console using the instructions above.
Things to note:
  • For movie rentals, your movie will be available for the duration of the rental period after you start watching it for the first time. Purchases will be available to watch as many times as you like. See our Usage Rules for more information.
  • For some videos, different prices for different resolutions may also be available. Playback of HD and UHD titles is only available on certain supported devices and internet speeds. See HD/UHD device requirements for more information.
  • You can find and watch movies you purchased on YouTube using Google Play, and vice versa. However, you can’t add movies purchased on YouTube to your Play Family Library.  
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