Feature changes for YouTube Studio

Creator Studio Classic is no longer available. Use this article to learn which features were not migrated to YouTube Studio, and are no longer available. These features weren’t used often, so we removed them to focus on building more impactful tools for creators.

New YouTube Studio features

The following are some of the completely new features in YouTube Studio.

  • Realtime data for thumbnail impressions and CTR
  • New metrics to learn what percentage of your subscriber base can get notifications from your channel
  • New upload experience
  • Filters on the Comments page to make moderation easier

Features recently added from Creator Studio Classic

The following are some of the features that were recently migrated to YouTube Studio.

  • Save an edited video as a new video or revert to your original video
  • Copyright claim disputes and appeals on your videos
  • Analytics chart types, like pie charts

YouTube Studio features coming soon

The following are some of the Creator Studio Classic features that will be added to YouTube Studio soon. 

  • Upload multiple videos at once 
  • Easier options for sharing access with channel managers
  • Important notifications card on the dashboard

Classic features still accessible

There are some features that we still have to build in YouTube Studio. We’ve added links to these features directly into YouTube Studio. After access to Creator Studio Classic goes away, you’ll still be able to use the following features:

  • End screens
  • Info cards
  • Playlists
  • Live events
  • Audio Library
  • Customize Channel
  • Private video sharing
  • Live Stream Now
  • Translation and transcription
  • Status and Features

Classic features going away

Access to Creator Studio Classic is gradually going away over the next few months. Some classic features won’t be built into YouTube Studio. When your channel no longer has access to Creator Studio Classic, you’ll no longer be able to use these features. 

Upload time on your Videos page

The upload time of your video won’t show on your Videos page in YouTube Studio.
You’ll still see the date that your video was uploaded. You can also sort videos by date.

HD icon on your Videos page

You won’t see the HD indicator  next to HD videos on your Videos page in YouTube Studio. This doesn’t change your video’s resolution. We're working on bringing this feature to YouTube Studio in the coming months.
To see if your uploaded video is in HD, check the quality settings on your video’s watch page.

Some advanced search features

Most search and filter options are available in YouTube Studio. You won’t see the options to filter by:
  • Upload time
  • List of video IDs
  • Tag
  • Video length
  • Videos that don’t contain certain text
These options are going away as we add more impactful filters, like a filter for the number of views on a video. You can still sort by date and number of views.

Notifications inbox

Previously, you could see your notifications from Creator Studio Classic by clicking the bell at the top-right . This inbox focuses primarily on notifications from channels you’ve subscribed to, and won’t show in YouTube Studio.
You can still open the notifications inbox from YouTube.com. We’re working on a better inbox for notifications about your channel.

Dashboard customization

You won’t have the option to customize your dashboard in YouTube Studio.
We’re working to improve the dashboard experience in YouTube Studio.  

Comment and video cards on the dashboard

You won’t see cards on the YouTube Studio dashboard for new comments or new videos. We're working on adding these cards in the coming months.
To review comments, open the Comments page in YouTube Studio. Use the filter bar on the Comments page to view a subset of comments. You can filter by specific text in comments, by comments you haven’t responded to, by comments with questions, and more.

 YouTube Studio automatically shows a snapshot of your most recent video’s performance on your dashboard.

Video statistics privacy setting

Previously, creators could choose to show statistics on their video’s watch page, like watch time and share. In 2018, these statistics went away on the video watch page, but creators still saw the option to enable them in Creator Studio Classic. You won’t see this option in YouTube Studio.
This setting has had no impact since 2018. It never changed whether your video’s views, likes, and dislikes were public.

Domain or app filtering

The “Domain or app filtering” setting lets you select or block specific websites or apps from embedding your videos. Once Creator Studio Classic goes away, this setting won’t be available.

Bulk changes to video syndication

Video syndication lets you choose whether to make your videos available on all platforms, or only monetized platforms. You won’t be able to change the syndication of multiple videos at once in YouTube Studio. 
You can still change the syndication of an individual video. 

Google Photos import

You’ll no longer see the option to import videos from Google Photos.
To upload a video in your Google Photos, download the video from photos.google.com to your device. Then, upload it to YouTube.

360º heatmap report

The 360º heatmap report will be removed from Creator Studio Classic and won’t be available in YouTube Studio. The heatmap report wasn’t frequently used, and we’re removing it to focus on other features.
You can still get other data for your 360º videos in YouTube Analytics.

Music Policy Directory

The Music Policy Directory lists songs and their current policies set by the copyright holders. Once Creator Studio Classic goes away, this tool won’t be available. Learn more.
If you need free and safe music and sound effects for your videos, check out our Audio Library. We add new music every month!
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