YouTube Partner Program video appeals

Note: This program is only available to a small percentage of creators with further expansion in the future.

If your channel was suspended or rejected from the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), you can create a video explaining more about your content and why you believe an appeal is necessary. Our teams will view your video and make an assessment. If successful, we’ll either re-approve your channel for YPP or turn monetization back on within 30 days.

We’re doing this as part of a limited pilot to let more creators share context and explanations around their appeals more directly. Selection of suspended or rejected channels for this program is done at random. We’re working to expand this pilot in the future as capacity allows.

Upon review, your channel will be assessed in its current state. This means you should not delete videos before submitting your video appeal.

How to appeal

  1. Create your video within 7 days of your review decision. See the “video appeal guidelines” section of this article for more details on what to include.
  2. Sign in to YouTube using your affected channel.
  3. Upload your video appeal as unlisted.
  4. Go to
  5. Click the button to appeal.
    • You’ll only have the option to appeal if you’re eligible for the pilot.
  6. Enter the URL for your unlisted video and click “Submit.”
  7. Our teams will get back to you with a decision.
    • If your appeal is accepted, you will see a notification in your Studio account and monetization enabled on your account monetization page.
    • If your appeal is rejected, your channel will remain suspended or rejected. We will provide feedback on your appeal on your account monetization page. You can still re-apply for YPP in 30 days, but you’ll need to address the issues our reviews flagged on your channel before you can be accepted into YPP.

Video appeal guidelines

Your video appeal will only be accepted if you meet specific format and content guidelines.

Format must be

  • Video only. You should not put appeal information in the description.
  • Less than 5 minutes long.
  • Unlisted. 
  • Uploaded to the channel you’re appealing.
  • Narrated in English, Hindi, or Bengali or feature English subtitles when narrated in another language.

What to include

We want to understand how you create your content, and get a behind-the-scenes view of your process. Your video should:

  • Include the URL of your channel.
  • Refer to the AdSense content guidelines. Make sure you address specific parts of the policies and give examples of how your channel follows our guidelines.
  • Focus on the channel as a whole, not just individual videos that meet our guidelines.
  • Provide visual examples of how you create your content. Where possible, try to make a connection between what you show in your video appeal and what’s on your channel. You can:
    • Show yourself in the video, or provide a voiceover.
    • Show how you film your content.
    • Show how you edit your content.
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