Payment Summary Report

The Payment Summary report contains an aggregated view of your total revenue broken down by type of revenue (e.g. ads, subscription, transactional) and adjustments. The totals are reported in USD and in your default currency.

The Payment summary report is available on a monthly basis from the Reports  page in YouTube Studio Content Manager.

Report field descriptions

Field Description
Revenue Type Revenue generated from Ads, Subscriptions and/or Transactions. You can find more details in the field descriptions below.
Ads Revenue

This is the total Advertising revenue. This can include: Auction, Reserved and/or Partner Sold revenue.

This also includes Ads revenue coming from YouTube Music.

Subscriptions Revenue - YT Music / Premium revenue This is the total Subscriptions revenue. This can include: YouTube Music, Google Play Music or YouTube Premium.
Subscriptions Revenue - YouTube TV Revenue This is the revenue from YouTube TV subscriptions. The Ads revenue from YouTube TV will be part of the Ads Revenue report.
Transactions Revenue - Video Sales / Rentals This is the total Transactional revenue. This can include
EST (Movie purchases) or VOD (Video Rentals).
Transactions Revenue- Others Revenue from Super Chat, Channel Memberships, Super Stickers, or Famebit
Audio Tier Revenue This is the total revenue from Audio Tier.
Adjustment Type

Adjustments are positive or negative amount of earnings from past periods. They can appear for Ads, Subscriptions, and/or Audio Tier revenue and can be due to one or more of the following types:

  • Dispute Resolution
  • Conflict Resolution
  • BackPay Resolution
  • Recoupment
  • Deferred Payment
  • and/or other adjustments

​While these adjustments may have been paid in the current Payment Month, they're for activity that took place in a month prior to the Payment Month. The exchange rate of the current Payment Month will be applied.

Local Currency Code This is the payment currency code based on your AdSense billing profile settings.
Partner Revenue (USD) This is the total revenue in USD. If your payment currency is set to USD in AdSense, this field will match the “Total Revenue” field.
Partner Revenue in local currency

This is the total revenue in your payment currency based on your AdSense billing profile settings.

How is currency exchange calculated?

The exchange rate in the report reflects the same exchange rate used for the final payment amount reflected in AdSense.

Payment currency is set in a Content Owner’s AdSense account. The currency exchange rate used for your payments and in downloadable reports is the daily exchange rate averaged over the whole month.

Comments This field is blank unless there are previous months’ adjustment payments being paid during the current Payment Month.
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