Review and reply to comments

 Moderating and interacting with comments is a great way to maintain a healthy community on your channel.

You can also manage comments in the YouTube Studio app on your mobile device.

Check comments on your videos and channel

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left menu, select Comments.
  3. Choose the tab you’d like to review:
    • Published: Comments that everyone can see.
    • Held for review: Comments that are held for review based on your settings and comments that are automatically held by YouTube as likely spam.

You can use the filter bar "" at the top of each tab to filter the comments you see. You can filter by specific text in comments, by comments you haven’t responded to, by comments with questions, and more.

Eligible creators will see "Comments & Mentions" in Studio on desktop. Learn more about mentions eligibility.

React to published comments

From the “Published” tab, you can:

  • Reply: Click Reply to respond to a comment directly.
  • Heart: Select the heart "" beneath a comment to show appreciation.
  • Like: Select thumbs up "" to like a comment.
  • Dislike: Select thumbs down "" to dislike a comment.
  • Pin: Select More  and then Pin to highlight a comment at the top of your video’s watch page. This option only appears when viewing comments for an individual video.

Tip: To help you quickly learn more about who’s commenting, badges will show up next to commenters’ names in YouTube Studio. For example, you’ll see badges for top commenters "", channel members "" and publicly subscribed commenters "".

Take action on comments held for review

On the “Held for review” tab, you can take the following actions. You can also find these options on the “Published” tab by clicking More .

  • Approve: Select Approve "" to allow a comment to show publicly.
  • Remove: Select Remove "" to remove a comment.
  • Report spam or abuse: Select Report "" to report spam or abuse in a comment. Learn more about spam comments.
  • Hide user: Select More  and then Hide user from channel. Learn more about hiding comments from specific people.
  • Always approve: This option is only available on the “Published” tab. To allow all future comments from a certain viewer to be automatically approved and publicly visible, select More  and then Always approve comments from this user.

Add a comment moderator

You can invite moderators to help manage comments on your videos and channel. Anyone with a YouTube channel can be a moderator. To add a moderator:

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left menu, select Settings.
  3. Select Community.
  4. Enter the moderator’s channel URL in the “Moderators” box.
  5. Select SAVE.

The moderator won’t get a notification that you’ve added them. Let the moderator know that they can now remove comments.


What can a comment moderator do?

A comment moderator can select Remove "" next to a comment on your video to hide the comment. The comment will remain hidden until you review it in your “Held for review” queue. “Removed by Moderator” will show next to the comment in your queue.
Moderators don’t have access to your channel in YouTube Studio. The comment will be held for your review in your “Held for review” queue. Other viewers won’t see the comment unless you approve it.
Comment moderation works differently on live chat. Learn how to assign moderators for live chats.

How do I remove a comment moderator?

You can manage your moderators by following the steps above to add a comment moderator. Select Remove "" next to moderators you’d like to remove.

Are viewers told when I heart, like, dislike, pin, or reply to their comment?

If you heart, pin, or reply to a comment, the commenter may get a notification that you responded, depending on their notification settings.
Likes and dislikes are anonymous. If you like a comment, the commenter may get a notification that says, “Someone liked your comment." Viewers don’t get a notification when you dislike their comment.

How do I unpin a comment?

If you pinned a comment to the top of the watch page, but don’t want it there anymore, you can unpin it. Next to the comment, select More  and then Unpin.
You can also pin a different comment, which will unpin the previous one.

What happens when I mark a comment as spam?

The comment will be permanently hidden from your channel. YouTube may also review the comment and commenter’s behavior for spam.
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