Manage spam in comments

The "Report" or “Report as spam or abuse” option for comments allows the community to control the amount of spam comments left on videos. If enough people mark a comment as spam, it’s hidden.

Report a comment as spam

Anyone can mark a comment as spam. From the comments section of a video or channel:

  1. Find the comment you’d like to report as spam.
  2. Select More  and then Report.
  3. Select Unwanted commercial content or spam and REPORT.

Creators can also report spam while reviewing comments at

Use the report  feature with caution. Anyone who misuses it may be prohibited from using YouTube altogether. 

Review comments held as spam 

To review comments reported as spam on your videos or channel:

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left menu, select Comments.
  3. Choose the Likely spam tab.

You can choose to:

  • Approve  comments
  • Remove comments
  • Report comments for spam or abuse
  • Hide users from your channel

Understand spam

Spam is content or correspondences that create a negative experience by making it difficult to find more relevant and substantive material. It can sometimes be used to indiscriminately send unsolicited bulk messages to people on YouTube. 

YouTube detects spam based on the text of a comment, or by the behavior from a particular commenter. For instance, repeatedly posting comments can be detected as spam.

Uploaders have more control over comments made on their videos. They can review your comment before it’s displayed or remove it altogether. The uploader can also "unmark" a comment as spam.


What happens when a comment is reported as spam?

A comment reported as spam is held for review in YouTube Studio at

What’s the difference between “report spam” and “likely spam”?

Your “Likely spam” queue shows comments that YouTube automatically detected for containing spam. Reporting a comment as spam is an option available to YouTube viewers and creators. Reporting a comment as spam sends the comment to our review teams.

Can you undo marking a comment as spam?

No. Once you’ve marked a comment as spam, there’s no way to undo it.
Use the "Report spam or abuse" feature with extreme caution. If you misuse it, you may be prohibited from YouTube.

How do I block someone from spamming my comments?

To hide comments from a specific viewer:

  1. Find a comment they’ve left on your channel or video.
  2. Next to the comment, select More  and then Hide comments from this user.

Can I stop filtering out spam comments?

YouTube's systems automatically detect spam to help maintain a healthy conversation in YouTube comments. Creators can always review and unmark comments that were flagged as "likely spam".
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