Amazon Fire TV

You can watch YouTube and use Amazon Alexa to control the YouTube app on most Amazon Fire TV devices. You can download the official YouTube app from the Amazon app store.

Sign into YouTube on your Amazon Fire TV

Step 1: Find the activation code and sign in

  1. Go to the Sign in screen in the YouTube app and stay on this screen until you've completed the remaining steps.
  2. Visit on your computer or mobile device.
  3. Sign in when prompted. If you have multiple Google Accounts, please select the account you use with YouTube. If you're already signed in, skip to the steps below.

Step 2: Complete the activation process

  1. Enter the activation code shown in the YouTube app on your TV.
  2. Select “Allow access” and wait for the confirmation screen in the app.

Step 3: Select your account

After signing in, you may see a list of Google Accounts associated with your YouTube account. Choose the one you want to use on the Amazon Fire TV. 

Some ways to use Amazon Alexa with YouTube

Amazon Alexa is supported in English, German, Japanese and French Canadian.

Available Alexa voice commands

Alexa, play: plays media
Alexa, resume: resumes media

Alexa, pause
Alexa, stop

Alexa, fast-forward 30 seconds (or given duration)
Alexa, fast-forward

Alexa, rewind 30 seconds (or given duration)
Alexa, rewind

Alexa, next (triggers the next command and plays the next media in the playlist)

Alexa, previous: Triggers the previous command and plays the previous media in the playlist

Alexa, restart (seeks back to the beginning of the media)

Available Alexa voice commands for Amazon Fire Cube

Alexa, scroll (left, right, up, down)
Alexa, page (left, right, up down)

Examples of Alexa voice commands

  • “Alexa Open YouTube”
  • “Alexa show me soccer highlights on YouTube”
  • “Alexa find movie trailers on YouTube” 
  • “Alexa watch music videos on YouTube”
  • “Alexa play cooking videos on YouTube”
  • “Alexa resume”, “rewind 30 seconds”, “Alexa next video”
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