Understand audience engagement

You can use the Engagement tab at the video level in YouTube Analytics to get an overview of what your audience is watching and how they interact with your content. The key metrics card shows your watch time (hours) and average view duration. Learn more about how engagement metrics are counted.

View your engagement reports

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. In the left Menu, select Analytics.
  3. From the top menu, select Engagement.

Top videos

The Top videos report highlights your most popular videos. You can use the expanded analytics report to view more metrics, like views and impressions.

Top playlists

The Top playlists report shows you which of your playlists have had the most watched time. It doesn't matter if some of the videos on the playlist are from other channels. You can see playlist data even if you've never uploaded a video.

Top posts

The Top posts report shows your most popular posts based on likes or votes on mobile. Use the expanded analytics report to see more details, like click-through-rate.

Top cards

The Top cards report shows you which cards your viewers clicked most, across all videos on your channel.

Top videos by end screen

The top videos by end screen report shows you which end screen your viewers clicked most across your entire channel.

Top end screen element types

The Top end screen element types report shows you which element type your viewers clicked most across your entire channel.

Key moments for audience retention

The key moments for audience retention report shows how well different moments of your video held viewers' attention. You can also use typical retention to compare your 10 latest videos of similar length.

Likes vs. dislikes (video level)

The Likes (vs. dislikes) report summarizes how many viewers liked and disliked your videos. You can add the Likes (vs. dislikes) metric with the expanded analytics report at the channel level.

End screen element click rate (video level)

The End screen element click rate report shows you how often viewers clicked each end screen element in your video. This report is only available after you’ve clicked into a specific video.

Top remixes

This report shows your content that has been remixed to make Shorts. The report also shows the number of times your content has been remixed and the number of remix views. To get more detailed info about remixes, click or tap SEE MORE.


Why can't I see data for a specific playlist?

YouTube Analytics only shows data for playlists that got views in the selected time period and are public.

Does it matter whether I own all the videos in the playlist?

No, this report shows data regardless of the ownership of the videos.

If I’ve never uploaded a video, can I see data for my top playlist?

If you haven’t uploaded your own videos, you can still see data for your playlists.

Why did my like count change?

You may see like and dislike counts change as some may be marked invalid and periodically removed from the counts. Learn more about our Likes Policy.
In rare instances, you might see more likes/dislikes than views since these metrics are changed by different verification systems.

Why is my video’s like count in Analytics different from the watch page?

The number of likes/dislikes in YouTube Analytics may be different than what you see on the watch page under the video. This occurrence is a known issue and our team is working to fix this. In the meantime, refer to the counts on your video's watch page.

Metrics to know

Average view duration

Estimated average minutes watched per view for the selected video and date range.

Watch time (hours)

The amount of time viewers have watched your video.


The number of legitimate views for your channels or videos.

Card clicks

The number of clicks a specific card got.

Cards shown

The number of times a card has been shown. A single card can have at most one impression per view.

Card teaser clicks

The number of clicks a card teaser got. Card icon clicks are attributed to the last teaser shown.

Card teasers shown

The total number of times a teaser has been shown. Teasers can have several impressions per view.

Clicks per card shown

How often viewers clicked a card when it was shown.

Clicks per end screen element shown

How often viewers clicked an end screen element when it was shown.

End screen element clicks

The number of times an end screen element was clicked.

End screen elements shown

The number of times an end screen element was shown.

Teaser clicks per card teaser shown

The average teaser clicks per teaser impression.

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