Upcoming changes to the manual claiming tool

Manual claiming is a feature that exists to allow content owners to manually claim their content in uploaded videos not otherwise identified by Content ID. In order to ensure a healthy, fair ecosystem consistent with YouTube's four freedoms, we will be making a few changes to the tool that may impact your workflow:

  1. Starting in March, we won’t allow a video to be manually claimed while you have an unreviewed pending match claim on that same video. If you attempt to manually claim a video in this state, you will be directed to the potential claim page where you may confirm or release that match claim.

    This is happening for a few reasons. First, the manual claiming tool is intended to be used as a supplement to automated Content ID match claiming, not as a replacement. The Content ID match system has made significant recall gains recently which should lessen the need for manual claiming. Second, the match claim should use the best existing asset, reflecting all relevant co-ownership and policy information. We will begin by enforcing this change in our Content Manager UI and will expand to the API in the next few months.
  2. Also in the coming months, we will begin requiring partners to indicate where their content appears in a video when creating a manual claim.

    This new functionality will be built in our new YouTube Studio Content Manager and will be accompanied by the deprecation of the manual claiming page in the Content Manager UI that you currently use. This change is intended, in part, to address feedback that you’d like to spend less time managing your dispute queue. Previously, uploaders struggled to find content manually claimed in their videos, leading to unnecessary disputes. With this change, uploaders will be able to better understand these claims, which should also take some of the dispute review work off of your plate. We’ll be sure to give you a heads up before this goes live.
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