Upcoming changes to the manual claiming tool

Manual claiming is a feature that exists to allow content owners to manually claim their content in uploaded videos not otherwise identified by Content ID. In order to ensure a healthy, fair ecosystem consistent with YouTube's four freedoms, we are making a change to the tool that may impact your workflow:

Later this month, you’ll notice a new interface when you access the Content ID manual claiming page in your Content Manager. As announced in March, this interface will allow you to provide timestamps that indicate where your content appears in a video when creating a manual claim. This change is intended, in part, to address feedback that you’d like to spend less time managing your dispute queue. Previously, uploaders struggled to find content manually claimed in their videos, leading to unnecessary disputes. With this change, uploaders will be able to better understand these claims, which should also result in fewer disputes being raised.

We know it can take some time to get used to a new process, so at first you will still be able to access the Classic Content Manager UI. However, gradually we will begin to deprecate the old system as we add more functionality into our new YouTube Studio Content Manager. Eventually we plan to require all manual claiming to be performed in the new UI.

Accurate timestamps are critical to ensure the proper functioning of our internal tools. Providing inaccurate timestamps is considered a violation of our manual claiming guidelines and may result in feature loss or, in some cases, termination of partnership. You can find a new comprehensive resource covering the acceptable uses of the manual claiming tool in the YouTube Help Center.

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