See fact checks in YouTube search results

Note: This feature is currently available only in Brazil and India.

When you search for something on YouTube, you’ll sometimes see an information panel that includes a fact check. These information panels tell you whether claims related to your search are true, false, or something else like "partly true," according to the publisher’s fact check. Fact checks shown on YouTube are provided by approved publishers.

What fact checks look like on YouTube

If a publisher has fact-checked something related to your search query, you might see a search result with a box that tells you:

  • The claim being fact checked
  • The name of the publisher doing the fact check
  • A summary of the publisher’s fact check finding
  • A link to the publisher’s article to learn more

Note: You can also find these fact checks in Google Search results and on Google News.

How YouTube shows a fact check

If a fact check made by a publisher meets certain guidelines and is related to your query, you’ll see a summary of that fact check. You’ll see a fact check if:

  • The publisher of the fact check is an approved publisher.
  • The content clearly tells you:
    • Which claims are being checked
    • Conclusions about the claims
    • How conclusions were reached
    • Citations and primary sources of information

If you’re a publisher, learn more about how we determine fact check content. If you’re a developer, learn how to add the structured data to your page.

Disagree with a fact check

YouTube does not endorse or create any of these fact checks. If you disagree with one, please contact the website owner that published it.

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