Test feature experiments at Youtube.com/new

You can learn about and opt into experimental YouTube desktop features at Youtube.com/new

Not all experiments will end up launching to all users, so if you choose to opt in, please give as much feedback as possible in the 2-week period to help determine the feature’s future. You can leave any of the experiments you’ve joined at any time. 

To participate:

  1. Visit youtube.com/new.
  2. If you see an experiment you want to try out, select the Join button. If no experiments are available, you can sign up to participate in one of our research studies.
  3. Use the feature you’ve chosen.

To share feedback: ​

  1. Visit youtube.com/new.
  2. Select Send Feedback.

You may also see messages appear on YouTube to remind you to submit feedback, especially when the experiment is coming to an end.

To leave an experiment:

  1. Visit youtube.com/new.
  2. Select the Turn Off button next to the experiment.

If you don’t leave in advance, the experimental feature will automatically disappear on the scheduled end date, and your YouTube experience will return to normal.

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