Official Cards in Search

Official Cards make it easier for viewers to discover content by highlighting official material in YouTube Search. These cards include official videos and posts from top channels, like those of top YouTube creators, celebrities and music artists. Videos and posts are also included from content related to sports teams, movies and TV, music and special events. These cards are automatically generated and do not allow for customisation.

Music cards

Music cards may feature a musical artist, song, genre or recent albums and music videos. You can also see recent premieres and live streams from your favourite artists on official artist cards. Top charts cards show top songs and music videos from YouTube Music in Search. Learn more about Music Charts and Insights.

Sports cards

Sports cards show sports teams, upcoming or live games, tournaments or content for different types of sports. These cards may also feature recent scores, highlights and related teams.

TV cards

TV cards feature specific shows or networks. They typically include recent episodes or seasons, and may show a subscribe button for verified channels. Shows may be free, require a once-off payment or only be available to Premium subscribers.

Special events cards

Special events cards include content on events such as music festivals and large sporting competitions, like the World Cup.

Official people cards

Official people cards feature top-searched people on YouTube, who are also well-known on or off the platform like actors, musicians, athletes, current United States presidential candidates and top YouTube creators. These cards have a Subscribe button and feature the channel's most recently uploaded video.

Note: Official people cards are currently available to a limited number of people. There's no way to request one, but we plan on expanding to more channels in the near future.

Video game cards

Video game cards include official content related to a given video game. Selecting a Video game card shows more content about the game like live streams and latest uploads, and popular videos.

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