Removing ad supported Shows and Movies features

Starting January 15th, 2019, we’re removing the ad-supported Shows and Movies features.

How this impacts you:

  • You’ll no longer be able to upload ad supported shows playlists or movies, nor edit existing ones via Creator Studio or spreadsheet templates.
  • Existing shows playlists will revert to standard playlists, and live on the uploader’s channel. The shows channel will be deleted. Videos will be re-categorized as “Entertainment,” and the category can be edited further in the Video manager.
  • Existing movies will revert to standard videos, and be re-categorized as “Film and Animation.” Videos will lose their poster thumbnail and show the default thumbnail. Video category and thumbnail can be edited in the Video manager.
  • The partner content rating for former movies and shows episodes will remain the same.

Why is this happening? We’re removing these features because of low usage. Most creators use the standard playlists tool to organize shows. For this reason, you should use standard playlists to organize your content going forward.

  • For episodic content, use the title and description to specify season and episode.
  • For movies, upload normal videos and categorize as “Film and Animation” to highlight the movie character of your video. You can also create a custom thumbnail.
If you have a partner manager and need to use content ratings, you can reach out to them for information on how to upload videos with a content rating going forward. Alternatively, reach out to the YouTube Creator Support team.
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