Understand upcoming changes to YouTube Gaming

We want to continue to build a stronger home for the gaming community that thrives on YouTube, not just the YouTube Gaming app. After May 2019, we’ll retire the YouTube Gaming app and focus our gaming efforts across YouTube. 

Visit the new Gaming homepage on YouTube.

Learn more about Gaming on YouTube in our blog post. See below for more questions.

Questions about the change

When will the Gaming app go away?

We’re aiming to retire the YT Gaming app in the first half of 2019. We want to make sure your experience in the main YouTube app as a gamer is even better than it was in the Gaming app before we turn anything off. We’ll give everyone a further heads up with plenty of time before anything goes away!

Why is the Gaming app being retired?

We launched YouTube Gaming as a standalone app for gamers where we tested out new features based on the Gaming community’s feedback. We want to continue to build a stronger home for the gaming community that thrives on YouTube, not just the YouTube Gaming app. More than 200M of you come to the main YouTube app to engage with your favorite games and creators every month.

What will change for me? What do I need to do?

For now, nothing changes, and the app still exists. If you don’t already have it, you should download the YouTube app! If you’re a big user of the Gaming app, we suggest you merge your subscriptions across YouTube and start enjoying your favorite Gaming content on the Gaming homepage in the main YouTube app. 
If you miss anything from the Gaming app, or have suggestions to improve the experience in the YouTube app, send us feedback via our feedback tool.

Can I make the Gaming destination my homepage / default?

There’s no way to make the Gaming homepage your default experience in the mobile app or youtube.com, but you can bookmark the page in a browser for quick access.

Does this mean YouTube doesn’t care about Gaming anymore?

Not at all. We want to make it easier for Gaming creators and fans to connect where everyone is watching: in the main YouTube app. The Gaming homepage in the YouTube app lets you watch all the gaming content you want, when you want, and gives you more access to your favorite creators!

What’s going to happen to all of the content I’ve saved or already watched?

We recommend you combine your YouTube and YT Gaming subscriptions from the YT Gaming settings. It’s not possible to transfer the games you’ve saved in YT Gaming, but we're exploring better ways to organize your game interests on YouTube.   
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