Export data from YouTube Analytics

Export data from YouTube Analytics to check large sets of performance metrics. You can export data while looking at either a channel or a specific video. If you're a Content Manager, you can also download reports for several channels. Downloaded reports are limited to 500 rows. Use the YouTube Reporting API to download more than 500 rows of data.

Dates in exported reports are shown in Unix time, in milliseconds. To convert to a date format in a spreadsheet, use the following formula and format the cell as a date: [Unix time value]/86400000+date(1970,1,1).

Export data for a channel or video

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left menu, select Analytics.
  3. Find the report you’d like to download and click SEE MORE.
  4. Make any adjustments you’d like to the report.
  5. At the top, select Export current view .
  6. Choose your preferred file format.

Export data from YouTube APIs

You can also get data from the YouTube Analytics API and the YouTube Reporting API. The YouTube Analytics API allows both channel owners and Content Managers to download custom reports of their YouTube Analytics data. The YouTube Reporting API allows you to download entire data sets in bulk.

To comply with GDPR, we have a new data retention policy. Reports from CMS and the Reporting API will be deleted 60 days after they're published to the UI. Historical data reports in the Reporting API will be available for 30 days from the time they're generated.

Deleted content in YouTube Analytics

YouTube will remove deleted videos, playlists, and channels from YouTube Analytics, and the YouTube Analytics API when you request it. Data from deleted items will still be counted in aggregate stats and totals. To get an accurate number, use the totals in YouTube Analytics.

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