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Latest updates

Updates from the past 2 weeks

Community and comments

  • Community post availability: Over the next few weeks, we’re rolling out access to posts for most channels on YouTube. Learn more.
YouTube Analytics
  • Get ideas on the Inspiration tab: A couple of changes are happening to the Research tab. The Research tab is now renamed to the Inspiration tab. On YouTube Studio desktop, creators can now brainstorm creative ideas and generate video outlines with the help of an AI-generated tool that's now available on the Inspiration tab. Learn more.
  • Audience retention filters: Creators can now filter performance metrics watchtime and average view duration by New or Returning viewers, to see how your content performed with each type of viewer. Learn more.
  • Compare impressions: You can now compare the number of impressions and the resulting click through rate (CTR) by new vs. returning viewers. Learn more.
  • Traffic for Vertical Live: Get more information about how viewers discover Vertical Live with traffic sources. You can find the playback location of your published Vertical Live, and sources of your viewers in the traffic source section of Vertical Live Feed.

Other updates

  • Changes to channel page display: Your channel page will now display all visibility states (published, private, scheduled, unlisted, and membership videos) with filter chips so you can easily sort through your content by the latest, oldest, and most popular videos all in one place. You can also see restrictions on your videos and failed uploads. Learn more about your privacy settings.
YouTube Shorts
  • Remix a remix: You can now remix a content that has already been remixed. This gives you more potential for creativity on Shorts. Learn more.
YouTube Studio
  • Clips in YouTube Studio: Creators can now view, manage, and share Clips in YouTube Studio. Learn more.
  • Altered content setting: Starting March 18, 2024, globally you’ll be required to disclose in the upload flow whether or not the content you’re uploading is meaningfully altered or synthetically generated. This tool will be available first in YouTube Studio on computers, and then expand to mobile creation. Learn more.
  • Uploads in Studio Mobile: You can now upload and set the monetization status for videos and Shorts directly in the YouTube Studio on your mobile devices. Learn how to upload videos and Shorts using YouTube Studio. 
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Previous updates

Updates from the past 6 months

February 2024

Other updates

January 2024

YouTube Studio

  • "Top community clips" section: You can display top clips of your videos on your channel Home tab. These clips could be made by you or your community. Once added to your Home tab, clips are publicly visible and organized by popularity and how recently they were created. Learn more.

November 2023

YouTube Music

YouTube Analytics

  • Metrics by content type: You can now view new and returning viewer analytics by content type to learn which form(s) of content they interact with on your channel. Learn more.
YouTube Studio
  • “For you” section: The “For you” section on your channel Home tab lets you share a mix of content from your channel that is personalized to individual viewers. You can start preparing the “For you” section on your channel starting November 8, 2023. Your audience will see it starting November 20, 2023. Learn more.
  • New payments info in Studio app: We’re introducing a new beta that brings payments info to the Earn tab of the YouTube Studio mobile app. Eligible creators can view their progress towards the next payment and their payment history. Learn more about the beta in our forum post.
  • Simplified YouTube channel Home tab: The updated YouTube channel Home tab hides empty tabs and removes the "About" and the "Channels" tabs for a simplified user experience. Information that was previously available on these tabs is available in other places on your channel. You can find your channel description in the channel header, and any featured channels on the Home tab.
  • Showcase links on your channel: Creator links on the channel Home tab are now displayed prominently on the Channel profile header near the "Subscribe" button. Creators will no longer be able to display links in the banner.
  • View your Artist Recap: Use your Artist Recap to celebrate milestones from throughout the year, and learn how fans engage with your music on YouTube. Then, share your accomplishments on social media using custom data cards. Learn more about your Artist Recap.
 YouTube Shorts
  • Dream Track: Dream Track in Shorts is an experimental song creation tool that allows creators to create a unique 30-second soundtrack with the voices of participating artists. It brings together the expertise of Google DeepMind and YouTube’s most innovative researchers with the expertise of our music industry partners, to open up new ways for creators on Shorts to create and engage with artists. This feature is currently only available to a limited set of creators in the United States and on certain mobile devices. We hope to incorporate feedback from this experiment into potential product opportunities that could benefit artists and creators. Global audiences can use the soundtracks as-is to remix them into their own Shorts.

October 2023


  • Buy on Google for YouTube is going away: Starting on October 26th, 2023, Buy on Google for YouTube, the in-app checkout feature on YouTube, will no longer be available in the United States. Any orders made on or before October 25th, 2023 will still be fulfilled. We will be prioritizing other ways to make sure we’re providing helpful onsite checkout experiences for our retailers, creators, and viewers in the near future.

September 2023

YouTube Studio
  • Clips in YouTube Studio: Creators can now view, manage and share Clips in YouTube Studio. Learn more.

August 2023

Other updates

  • Linking changes on YouTube: To reduce spam and scam attempts, links in YouTube Shorts comments and Shorts descriptions will be non-clickable starting August 31, 2023–this change will roll out gradually. We're also retiring banner links on August 10, 2023, and introducing a new way to showcase important links on your channel page. You can start preparing channel profile links on August 10, and your audience will see them starting August 23. Learn more about this change.
  • New advanced feature on YouTube: Starting August 17, 2023, you can edit your Shorts to include a link to a video from your channel. The link will be visible in the Shorts player to help direct viewers from your Shorts to your other YouTube content. Learn more.

July 2023

YouTube Studio
  • Expansion of channel permissions: Permission users can take actions for your channel directly on YouTube in addition to YouTube Studio. Now, delegate users with manager or editor access can create a Short, add a post, manage a playlist, or comment on any YouTube video as the owner. Learn more.

June 2023

  • YouTube Shopping affiliate program now available to all eligible US creators: As of June 13, 2023, the YouTube Shopping affiliate program is now available in the US to all creators meeting the eligibility criteria. For background, the YouTube Shopping affiliate program allows creators to tag products featured in their videos from popular brands and retailers. Learn more.
YouTube Analytics
New ‘Viewers across formats’ card in YouTube Analytics: In the Content tab in YouTube Analytics, you can now see if & how many of your returning viewers watch more than one format and how big the overlap is. This is available for Videos, Shorts, and Live. Learn more.
New shopping affiliate metrics in Studio: Within the Revenue tab on a computer or mobile device, you can now find more shopping affiliate data under “Affiliate.” These new metrics will give insight into your estimated revenue, total sales, number of orders, and overall product performance. Learn more.

May 2023

  • 25% off a product from your Spring store: We’re funding a discount of 25% off any product from your Spring store. This promotion is on a first come, first serve basis and is only available for a limited amount of time. To take advantage of this promotion, get your code and start tagging your products in content to share the promo with fans.

  • Merch end screens going away: At YouTube, we want to ensure you’re putting effort into features that drive engagement with your products so you can grow your business. To continue improving the Shopping experience for creators and viewers, end screens will no longer be supported. To get engagement with your products, create content that shows their value and tag the products featured so your audience can shop.

YouTube Analytics
  • New revenue breakdowns in YouTube Analytics: You can now go to the Revenue tab in YouTube Analytics to see your revenue broken down by Watch Page Ads, Shorts Feed Ads, Memberships, Supers, Connected Stores, and Shopping Affiliates. Learn more.

  • New formats your viewers watch report in YouTube Studio: In the Audience tab, you can now find a report showing which formats (of Video, Shorts & Live) your audience watched most often on other channels in the last 28 days. This data can help inform your content strategy. Learn more.

Other updates
  • Stories no longer available starting June 26: Starting June 26th, Stories will no longer be available, and any Stories that you’ve posted on June 26th will expire 7 days after they were originally shared. YouTube will be prioritizing other key features to help you be more successful and grow your community. Views accrued from Stories will still display in YouTube Analytics. Learn more.

April 2023

YouTube Music Live streaming
  • Reactions available in live chat on iPhones & iPads: As viewers watch a live stream on an iPhone or iPad, they can respond in the moment by tapping the reaction that corresponds to how they’re feeling. Learn more.
YouTube Shorts
  • Clips Remix: You can now remix clips into Shorts. Click here to learn about creating Shorts with remixed content.

March 2023

YouTube Studio
  • Channel permissions available in YouTube Studio app: You can now manage your delegates via channel permissions in the YouTube Studio app. Delegates can now take actions in Studio on a computer, in the Studio app, or in the YouTube app. Learn more.

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