Blur your videos

Blur parts of your video on a computer.

Note: If you're in YouTube Studio, select Creator Studio Classic in the left menu to follow these steps.

Custom blurring

Click the Blurring effects tab > Custom blurring > Edit to blur objects or people as they move in your video. Click and drag a box over whatever you want to blur. The tool will automatically blur the object as it moves. You can also:

  • Move the blurred box to a different place: Click and drag within the box.
  • Resize the blurred area: Click and drag any corner of the box to blur a bigger or smaller area.
  • Change when the blurring happens: Click and drag the ends of the timeline to set when the blurring starts and ends.
  • Prevent the blurred area from moving at all: Click 'Lock' in the timeline to make sure that the blurred area always stays in the same place.
  • Blur multiple areas: Click and drag new boxes over the parts that you want to blur.

Blur faces

  1. Click Blurring effects tab > Blur faces > Edit. You can use YouTube normally while we process your video.

  2. Once processing is complete, you'll see thumbnails for each of the faces that the tool detected.
  3. Click the thumbnail(s) of the faces that you'd like to blur.
  4. Save your changes in the existing video or as a new video.
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