Important update: Understand when you can use third party content in your videos

If this update applies to your channel, you’ll see a notification on your channel dashboard or in Video Manager letting you know.

Starting in June, some creators will see more uploads matched against known copyrighted content. For now, this will only impact newly uploaded videos and matched third-party content will be sent to the copyright rights-holder(s) for review; because of the manual review step, this means that you may see claims some time after upload. Eventually we will extend this logic to previous uploads, but we'll let you know before that happens.

If you use third-party content in your uploads, you may receive Content ID claims or even copyright takedowns on your videos. Similarly, if another person uploads videos containing your content, you may take action to claim your content. 

As a creator, you should understand when to grant or obtain copyright permissions and licenses. Take this lesson to learn how to navigate copyright permissions. When choosing music for your next video, you can also avoid copyright-related issues by picking a song from the YouTube Audio Library

If you have videos that contain third party material you’ve licensed, you may wish to reach out to the rights-holder(s) to get whitelisted from Content ID. Content ID claims do not create strikes on your account; if you agree with the claim, you can just move on. You can also choose to:

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