Change language or location settings

You can select your preferred language and location on YouTube using your computer or on mobile web. When using the YouTube mobile app, you can select your location. Language settings change the text that appears during videos. The location that you choose impacts the types of videos that are recommended and trending.*

YouTube provides language and content preferences for all countries and languages where YouTube is available. We're constantly expanding the ability for the product to reach more users. If you cannot find your language or country, select an option that is most appropriate for your needs and interests.

If YouTube can't find your country/region, the default location is the United States.

*Note that in India, language settings change the videos that are shown on Home and Trending. 

You can access different language and location options from your account icon .

  1. Go to your Account icon .

  2. Click Language or Location.

  3. In the drop-down menu, select the language or location that you'd like to use.

YouTube language settings apply to the entire site, but videos remain in their original language. The language settings are saved in the browser, so you'll have to reset them if you clear your cache and cookies.

How to change the language and location on YouTube from your computer

Change language for email notifications

Your emails from YouTube are delivered in the default language for your country. If you've changed your YouTube language settings, you can change your email settings to match:

  1. Go to your email settings.

  2. Scroll down to 'Language preference' to update your email notification language.

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