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The description of a video that contains music may include information about the song(s) in the video. YouTube adds this information automatically to some videos when the video has been identified and 'claimed' by music rights holders  via YouTube's rights management tools, including Content ID. These notes usually link to a music video or other official content for each song, to help you discover songs and artists you haven't heard before.

Why some videos include song information in video descriptions

What does 'Licensed to YouTube by' mean?

The entities listed in the 'Licensed to YouTube by' field are the music rights holders who have agreed with YouTube to allow YouTube to use identified music in official and user-generated videos, and share in the revenue that those videos earn on the platform. For example, if you see an ad on a video that contains music and has 'Music in this video' information, the labels and publishers listed under 'Licensed to YouTube by' are earning a share of the revenue generated by that ad. Users remain bound by YouTube's Terms of Service.

Sometimes there may be a large number of entities sharing in the revenue for a single song. In addition to music labels and publishers whose names you may recognise, you may see that some songs are 'Licensed to YouTube by' a number of 'music rights societies'. This refers to organisations that collect royalties on behalf of their songwriter and publisher members around the world. Just like with individual music publishers, YouTube has licence agreements with these entities and shares revenue with them for videos they claim. Learn more

Why is some information missing from 'Music in this video'?

We only place music information on the video watch page when we are confident that we have data that is accurate and of high quality. We are continually working in conjunction with our music industry partners to add more data and improve the information we have.

You may also notice that – for videos that contain many songs – only information about the first ten will appear.

What if I hear my song in a video, but don't see 'Music in this video' information?

There are a variety of reasons that 'Music in this video' may not appear, including cases where the music has not yet been identified, we have not received sufficient data from label or publishing partners to display useful information, or when the video has only recently been claimed. If you work with a record label, music publisher and/or collection society who distributes content and/or uses Content ID on your behalf, you may wish to contact them for more detail.

What if my song is listed, but the data is wrong?

If you are a recording artist and/or songwriter, and you see that your song has been identified with incorrect or incomplete information, there are a few steps that you can take:
  • Send us feedback using our feedback form to help us improve this feature and our data quality process.
  • Make sure that you and your songs are registered with the ISNI Authority, which will help us confirm that we have the best data to represent you and your music. 

In addition, you might want to reach out to your label, publisher and/or collection society to make sure that they provide YouTube with complete and accurate information, including identifiers like ISRCs, ISWCs, UPCs and ISNIs. This kind of data is critical to improvements to this feature in the future. 



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